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Friday 4 April 2014

Wheelchair Fashion: 'Hot Wheels'

First of, thank you to Pricilla of  the blog 'wheelchair mommy' & Alexandra of Into The Woods for helping me name this look. I really struggle with that part of outfit posts - quite happy to take photos, edit them, post them etc but naming them? That's where I almost give up, everytime. Thankfully social media, & two of my all time favourite bloggers came to my rescue lol.
Anyway, I know this is my SECOND 'posh dress' outfit in as many weeks but it's starting to warm up & all the pretty dresses I got over the winter are getting their first proper outings. This dress I actually got before Christmas & had only gotten to wear inside or underneath heavy coats until now. But now...

I am SO in love with this outfit. I got to wear not only my cute two-in-one vintage style dress, but also my adorable red waist belt (which I got for Christmas). This outfit made me feel so cool. Plus was really easy to wear, it's like a proper outfit.....without having to put together a proper outfit.
The dress has this row of little cloth covered buttons most of the the way down the back.. They were my deciding factor for me on getting the's so cute! Thankfully however there is a side zip so it is really easy to get on/off.

* Dress: Louche via ModCloth or JOY - similar for those who hate cowl necks * Belt: ModCloth *
* Shoes: similar here or as heels here * Necklace: here *
I think my favourite is actually this last picture...I know it makes me look slightly demented but I like having a fun picture after all the posy ones...
So have I said everything? Erm, oh yeah. If you get this from JOY you may stumble across the teal version of this dress. DON'T get it. For whatever reason (maybe the fabric?) that one just doesn't hang as nicely as this one.
Okay, what do you guys think of this outfit? I know it's a little '4th of July'-ish in that it's white & blue & red all over but it's kind of cute right?


  1. Love it! The last pic is so cute!

    1. thank you :) my brother always makes me laugh when I'm taking photos & I guess it x

  2. This outfit is so crazy cute- and I love the last picture- adorable! Alex

    1. Thank you :) It's not quite upto the standards of your blog but maybe one day I'll get close?

      Sally x

  3. I think this is my favourite out of your ootd's :) it's so classic! And you look so happy, you're gorgeous <3


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