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Sunday 27 July 2014

Sunday Post: Blogger Confessions

I was on skinnedcartree's blog & she had posted a blogger confessions post & I thought it seemed really fun. I've not really done anything like this before but I don't know......I just felt like I needed to post this. It happens sometimes & I guess that's part of why having a lifestyle blog is so good, you can post whatever you want, whenever you want. ^^
  • I sometimes forget to clean my teeth twice a day....okay, maybe I reguarly forget to clean my teeth reguarly. My brain struggles with random parts of normal routines these days.
  • I'm still struggling with telling non-bloggers about my just feels awkward & I wish I knew why
  • When I do ootd pictures I take as many as 300 pictures, then I eliminate the bad composition, the bad poses, the double chins, the bad backgrounds, the ones where the clothes look wrong & the un-salvagable exposures. I usually have about 15 pictures left & then I narrow them down to the absolute best. Or I have 3 left I have to salvage lol
  • I have been known to take 60 pictures of the same product from incrementally different angles....only to delete them all & try again.
  • It takes me a full day to recover from each post I write, minimum.
  • It takes me 4-6 hours to write a blog post (sometimes as much as 8 hours) because it ends up being done unbelievably slowly. It's the only way I can cope with doing it. I wouldn't be able to post at all if I didn't.
  • Most weeks I will go out for about half an hour to take outfit photos but that's it for the day...I then go home & rest. It feels super fake but usually stay in the outfit all day so I'm pretty sure it counts as an ootd ^^
  • One of my favourite things to do when I'm feeling crap is to look at 'big blogs' & think about how I would have taken the photos differently. It makes me feel like I'm achieving something generally.
  • One of the things I do on good days is look through blogs who's pphotography I admire. I study the photos & try to think of ways I can include elements & techniques from their photography style. It makes me feel like I'm learning.
  • I always wanted to take more of the ootd photos myself. Those are the really fun ones & it's not quite the same trying to explain to your mum exactly hold the camera & where to point it & where to stand etc. It's not really possible to be the 'model' & 'photographer' at the same time. However if anyone local wants me to take pictures I'd jump at the chance ^^
  • I have a collection of plates specifically for food posts...even through I rarely do food post....I think I just love pretty plates.
  • I have 4 different kinds of paper for photography backgrounds & a double sided, distressed wooded board
  • I hate instagram. However much I try, & keep trying, I just can't get used to it. It doesn't really work for me as a social media network. I'll get used to it though, in time.


  1. I saw Corinne's post and I really liked it, totally noted that down as an idea :)
    It's a nice way to get to know someone, more than just random facts. I didn't realise it took so much to write the posts, that must be so frustrating for you.

  2. I loved this. Like you, it takes me a long while to get one post written up. Only others in the same boat as us will fully understand how difficult it can be for us!


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