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Friday 29 August 2014

IFB Links à la Mode Roundup

Hi guys, I'm so sorry I'm not posting much at the moment, things are super overwhelming at the moment so I'm taking a short break from blogging, just for a couple of weeks.
However my last blog post was picked for the international fashion bloggers link round up & the rules are that you have to post the roundup on your blog inside of a week if you ever want to join in again so I guess this is my last post for a week or so.
The other posts in the link up are really good & well worth reading. I particularly loved the post about Australian fashion.


Last Weekend

Labor Day marks the last day of "Summer" even if it's actually September 21st... but who's counting? Oh yeah, EVERYONE! Fashion Month kicks off next week, so everyone get your rest. Get everything you need to be done for regular life done this weekend if you can, because we'll all be glued to the runways for the next month. So now is the time to muse about life and style, to stock up on your Fall wardrobe, and catch up on your magazines... don't know where to start? These links will help!

Links à la Mode: August 28th

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  1. Woo congratulations for getting picked for this! :)
    Hope things aren't too overwhelming, and that you'll be back around these parts more soon!

  2. Congratulations on the feature beautiful!!


  3. I noticed you had been a bit quiet on Twitter - hope you're okay. Let me know when you're back into blogging and things are better for you and we can talk about you doing a #socialbloggers chat :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend,


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