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Monday 8 September 2014

Makeup with Purple Hair

Hi guys, I am so happy to be back to blogging! I thought I'd open with a makeup post & there have been some changes in my go to makeup.
Whilst I have been away from blogging I dyed my hair purple, a kind of burgundy meets violet purple, & as such the colours I use in my makeup routine have changed a little. My usual makeup was warm toned - peaches, gold toned neutrals, warm red browns - with pops of colour. Now my hair is slightly more on the cool, purple side those colours are clashing a little. Not so much that I have to replace all my makeup but just enough that I needed to make a few changes.

Brows were the first thing to change. It just didn't look right having brows & purple hair. I guess I could have dyed them but my mum nearly had a panic attack dying (& bleaching) the hair on my head, I was not going to set her loose on my eyebrows! Thankfully my eyebrows are pretty sparse anyway so filling them in can change their entire appearance. I basically just use poison plum eyeshadow from sugarpill & then run through them with the new brow gel from Rimmel (in clear). I was thinking of getting a coloured mascara but the only one I know of vibrant enough is from Kiko & I'm not impressed by the formula.

I also changed my blusher really quickly. Even my most neutral blusher is a warm taupe tone & it doesn't look quite right against my purple hair. So I've switched over to my plum toned blusher, it's from theBalm & is a lovely neutral purple but it really is cute.

My eye makeup has also changed, from browns & golds to taupes & purples. The coolest change is probably the vibrant purple liquid liner I bought from Lime Crime. A brighter version of my hair colour the Lime Crime liner is a super cute twist on a classic cat eye style liner.

Lipstick wise I have been picking purple/plum toned lipsticks which actually works out really well as autumn is on it's way. I didn't really own any purple lipsticks; a couple of neutral-ish plums & a deep berry but no purples. (What I have been surprised by is how few purple items of clothing I have, I totally thought I had more. Anyway.....) Thankfully high street makeup seems to have me covered on that front & I spent a very fun but loud (back to school rush) half an hour in boots swatching every purple, berry or plum lipstick I could find. I think you can imagine how bruised my arm looked after that but I ended up with two lovely berry purple lipsticks from Revlon.
I haven't actually tried a red lipstick yet but I'm going to aim towards the pink reds & blue reds, orange reds or brick reds are going to clash horribly.

How much does your makeup routine change when you dye your hair? Do you have any 'makeup for purple-heads' recommendations?


  1. I really love the colour of the lipsticks.
    I've been looking for a dark red for some time, but haven't found one just right yet.


  2. It's nice to see you back!!
    I have a super basic makeup which doesn't really involve too much colour so I never change mind when I change my hair. Although I have started to wear a little blush now so maybe I'll think about getting a more purple toned one :)

  3. So glad your feeling a bit better and up for bloggig! When your up to it, it would be lovely to see some pictures of your new hair! :) xx

  4. I'm dyed my hair purple as well and am changing my make up look. I think using only purples clashes with your hair, in a sense that it's too monochromatic. When I was a redhead for example I rarely wore red lipstick, copper eyeshadow and reddish blush. I wore peachy and warm colours, also some greens. With purple I think you should go for colder tones such as grey or even blue. I bought a turqouise eyeliner and it is the bomb. Also, pink blushes (cooler ones, not those that are peachy) and pink lips go very well. For a more dramatic look it's ok to use a bit of plum on the outer corner but that is mostly it and I had the perfect purple lipstick but after dying my hair it looked all wrong. I bought a sort of mix between red and pink, very strong and I love it. Also, you can never go wrong with black! :)


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