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Friday 1 August 2014

Wheelchair Fashion: Hazy Summer Days

Summer wheelchair fashion bright floral joy skirt khaki zara shirt

Louche Giselle Skirt Zara Khaki Shirt Wheelchair Fashion

How nice has the weather been lately? These pictures were taken on an evening last week & I am so in love with the hazy effect the bright light & dappled shadow produced. Isn't it cute?

You may have noticed that I am totally in love with full midi skirts in soft fabrics. Unfortunately they're not that common despite this season's obsession with midi skirts. They are really uncommon in any colour that's not black (or maybe gingham).

When I was last shopping a lady working in Joy helped me search & she pulled this skirt.

Now I would NEVER normally pick this. It is bright, acid tropical florals & tightly pleated. It is however exactly the right cut & it's not black or gingham. It was also on sale so I reckoned it was worth trying. In the bright sunlight we've been having it looks pretty cute....or at least I recon it does. Probably because it is also insanely comfortable ^^

Anyway the skirt is currently still available if you're interested *link here* but all the rest is OLD! Like, last year old.
I'm pretty sure it works as a combo though which is good going for the girl who never wears bright colours ^^

Okay so my foster brother was there whilst we were taking phots & the camera caught this cute series of photos that were crying out to be made into a gif ^^ Isn't it fun?

How are you guys enjoying the weather? Are you glad that it's finally broken or would you rather it had stayed hot & sunny?


  1. Joy is one of my favourite stores! I love their selection of dresses.

    I do love midi skirts, particularly the fuller ones and the colours! Cute outfit and lovely sunlight in the photos!

    ~ K

    1. Thank you ^^
      Joy is one of my favourite stores too!!! The joy store in leeds is huge & I shop there all the time. I just wish the dresses were a little longer :(

      Sally xx

  2. Beautiful! I LOVE the skirt!

  3. Hi gorgeous,
    I just found your blog today and I'm so happy to have arrived here.
    I'm also a wheelchair user and blogger (though my blog has a complete different style) and I'm from Brazil \o/

    I love your pictures and the way you dress. You're lovely.

    1. Thank you :)
      I'm so happy you found my blog ^^
      I'm checking out your blog right now :)

      Sally x

  4. Definitely loving the print on this skirt, gorgeous!


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