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Sunday 3 August 2014

Sunday Post: Randomness

When I get really tired my thoughts can get really weird & I thought it could be kind of funny to do a post about them....whatever let's see ^^
  • I think that after Scotland finally finished having a hissy fit about their referendum Yorkshire should have one & then when we get independence we should have a big deal celebration on the first of August & make blue  cupcakes iced to look like roses. We can also watch the rain/sleet & do super Yorkshire-y things.
  • If it is possible to confuse trees to think that July is the beginning of September like the great weather did, surely its possible to confuse Rhubarb so we can get tasty forced Rhubarb all year round.
  • How come doctors think they know everything? Every good scientist is aware that we know NOTHING about the universe & that nothing works the way with think it should. I mean sub-atomic particles only move the way we expect them to when we're watching them! Come on, how are doctors supposed to know ANYTHING? They have just realised that meds work differently for men & women & there are some people who pain meds don't work for. Anyone could have told them that!
  • If I ever have the money to invest in something I want to start a magazine like Cosmo or Red or Vogue written mostly by bloggers & not one professional model. Not in the adverts, not in the editorial where. I have lot's randomness about this including re-dong the adverts with normal people, how much do you want to see the alien perfume ad re-done with a normal person?
  • Is the voice in your head when you think really what you sound like or is it just what you think you sound like because it's in your head. Or is it not even you?
  • I tried to check if my body was haunted because I was watching one of those silly ghost programmes & someone was describing basically all my symptoms & I thought it was worth trying. My brother laughed so hard he started choking.
  • When I watch those tv programmes when there are two people who are absolutely perfect for each other & yet keep having near misses (not friends but basically every other sit com) & I'm really tired I get super emotional. I then go back over every single person I've ever been interested in & try to work out if it was like that. I'm pretty sure no-one has ever been particularly interested in me like that.
  • Why is it that sizes 12-14 (uk) don't count in the skinny/could-be-in-a-magazine fashion geek group but don't fit into the beautiful/fun/curvy plus-size fashion geek group? If I didn't love finding it easier to get clothes I like I'd almost think about eating my way up. It'd be really fun but I'm not sure it'd be worth it. I like my body this shape & size.
  • Why is it that really nice food that makes me feel less in pain is really really bad for me?
  • Also, how come alcohol tastes really good but makes my body hurt & is gross? I don't know what drunk feels like (other than used-too-many-'spoons'-too-fast drunk) & yet I know booze is bad. But it's so tasty ^^ I wish I could drink cocktails. My brother (who is a year & a half younger than me) has had an alcohol cabinet in his room for years & still won't let me have any. Apparently I can't be trusted to know if I can cope with alcohol
  • I am getting weirder & weirder as I write this post. I'm pretty sure if I don't stop typing soon I'll start confessing things that aren't real....the things happen in dreams that you struggle to separate from real life


  1. These make me chuckle. I recently become a bit fascinated by my voice, specifically the one I hear and the one other people here. Apparently I'm a lot higher pitched in real life that I thought. According to Kris (because he's a smarty pants), because your voice and your ears are so close it tends to echo inside your head and therefore make you sound deeper. Turns out, the signing voice I hear, which I quite like, is so freaking awful! haha. The one I hear inside my head, I'm pretty sure is the one I hear when I talk.

    1. That makes so much sense....I am suddenly paranoid about my singing voice lol
      I'm pretty sure the voice in my head is different to the one I hear but then I used to dream with no image at all & just the voice you hear in the back of your head when you read. I'm one weird chicka ^^

      Sally x

  2. I have completely had the same thought about the voice in your head, and how it's your brain but does and says things completely counter to you! Also, the foods that help my ME (particularly when I'm dizzy/wobbly) are all fattening. Sigh.


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