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Monday 15 September 2014

Edge of Autumn Wheelchair Fashion (+ Bird of Prey Centre)

This was supposed to be a wheelchair fashion post the week I posted the 'how to make your mobile phone photos look fancy' post but I was obviously too out of it then.
That Wednesday was such a fun day :) I had been trying to fit in a trip to a bird of prey centre all summer & I finally pushed my family into doing it that Wednesday ^^
I am totally a bird of prey person, if it was even a tiny bit realistic I would have a Harris Hawk as a pet :) I live in the inner city however so, apart from the Red Kites that I sometimes see hunting ariund Leeds & the Sparrow Hawk who hunts our garden during hard winters, bird of prey centres are the closest I get ^^
It was also very much the cusp of Autumn (Or Fall) so I thought I'd do an autumn ootd, something that I've been looking forward to for a while. Once I see the first leaves turning brown & you get the first few puffs of autumn-y wind I get an unbelivable need to pull out all my knitwear, warm toned clothing & boots. Not that autumn clothes are my favourites or anything :)

My foster brother also had his camera & was loving being able to take photos of people (he's not normally allowed to - which would make a lot of sense if you knew him) & the photo above & the one below taken through the grass were taken by him. If the one below wasn't so unbelievably unflattering it would be my favourite one :) The problem with the top is that it has a bubble he, which means however nicely it hangs everywhere else it kind of puffs over your stomach &, being sat down, I already puff more than I would normally do in that particular area so I look even wider than I really am. Only in photos though, in really life I look great ;)

Finally moving on to the bird of prey centre ^^ Sorry for all the pictures but since I dyed my hair it's ├╝ber nostalgic seeing my hair this colour lol ^^

The bird of prey centre itself is amazing, by far my favourite of the ones I've been to & as a total bird of prey nutter I have been to quite a few ^^  They are in Thirsk - you can see the website in the background of the photo ( ) - & are open beginning of March to the end of October 10:30 to 5 with displays at 11:30, 1:30 & 3:30.

The centre has a great selection, a good number of which are rescues, & they teach the birds to fly like they would in nature. It's an amazing experience, you have to see the eagles; they circle up to these amazing heights & then they just drop - pretty much straight down - onto the food. I totally wish I had a picture but it's something you'd have to be amazing to capture ^^


  1. I love how your lipstick matches your cardigan! :)
    And I LOVE birds or prey too - I've been meaning to get to this centre for ages but just not found the time :( I will do soon though!

  2. Aww I love birds, and especially owls! Your lipstick is gorgeous, that colour really suits you!

  3. I'm so glad u were able to get out and about - AND to one of the places you really wanted to go, too :) I'm behind in posts, so this is the first time I've seen the purple hair I LOVE THAT!!! I love that so much that if I didn't have to think about moving very soon (and thus needing to look aakk conservative!) I might even consider it (maybe after I move ...). There is a book - from I think the 70s - called "The Falcon and the Snowman" -- its a true story about two young American men who became embroiled in episonage against there country, the United States ... now why would I mention this here?! The one young man worked with falcons! and as I recall it, the book was very, very descriptive on such (much more than the movie w/ Timothy Hutton).

  4. Love these pictures- the camera angles are awesome! Loving your outfit! Alex

  5. What a lovely outfit! I really want those boots! :)

  6. I'm looking forward to some autumn outfits! Birds of Prey are always pretty awesome!


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