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Friday 12 September 2014

Wheelchair Fashion: Spots & Stripes

I don't know why but all my brain can think of now that I've named his post 'spots & stripes' is something from the George of the Jungle movie....I'm totally going to have to watch that again soon ^^
Anyway here is my new hair, what do you guys think? I'm totally in love with it (although it took me a couple of days, I was a little shocked to start with.....^^)

As I remember this was the day after I dyed my hair & I had spent the morning with my little brother (who is going to uni soon) choosing pans & knives in the Lakelands store in York so I was basically dead...but this outfit is a total winner. I had planned to wear the skirt with a white shirt but it looked super catholic..... I think this is just an all round cuter outfit.

The jumper is from ASDA & cost £10!!! The neckline was really high so I cut it into a like a keyhole type neckline so that I didn't look a really odd shape ^^
The skirt is from Modcloth & is super cute but if you are walking I would 't recommend it, the zip is set really badly :(


  1. I'm just loving that purple hair Sally! You're working it! Also I love the contrast of prints. You look lovely as always. Have a good weekend :)

    x Hayley-Eszti

  2. Love the spotted skirt

  3. I like how you customised the top, I would have no idea how to do that! Lovely location for a photo-shoot too.


  4. I love the new hair, it's a really lovely purple shade! I love the outfit too, I'm all for a little bit of pattern mixing!

  5. Love how you've mixed patterns and your hair looks gorge Sally. H :)


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