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Friday 26 December 2014

Christmas Day Fashion

Happy Christmas. I hope you enjoyed/or are enjoying Christmas & are enjoying the rest now it's over (I know I will be). As this is Christmas week it is only right that this week's ootd is what I intend to wear on Christmas day (if I can force myself out of my PJs that is ^^).
This top from ModCloth made a (barely noticeable) appearance in last weeks OOTD post. I've been trying to save it for Christmas because Christmas is one of those weird smart-casual family events where you are kind of expected to wear something new-ish but I have failed dismally.
I think the problem is the colour & the fact it is polka dot, I am powerless to resit ;)

It's actually a toss up between this outfit & the marsala outfit from a while back...that skirt is pretty much my favourite piece of clothing ever ^^ Either way I will probably be wearing my big knitted boot slippers (I get a pair like these from Accessorize every autumn & wear them until they are so old they basically fall appart).
Regardless I love how this top looks with the ripped up jeans, I feel like the contrast between soft & hard, smart & casual, neat & know, all of those kind of contrasts that are kind of cliché.

Yes that is an embarrassing baby picture in the background...yes it is me :S


  1. I love this nice simple outfit for christmas day <3 Hope you had a great Christmas Sally!! Gisforgingers xx

    1. Thank you ^^ I had a lovely restful Christmas thank you ^^ My brother's been home from uni & I hadn't realised how much I had missed him until he was back home :)



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