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Friday 16 January 2015

Everyday Fashion

This coming Sunday, so two days after this post goes live, I have a HUGE Powerchair football tournament. I've been trying to rest ever since football finished last Saturday, I had it all carefully planned. If I took outfit photos on Monday, saved up all this weeks scrapbooking to do at the end of the week so I really, really rested & didn't do training on Saturday I would probably be able to manage it. Especially if I rested all of the following week.
So on Monday morning, with my 'high fashion' outfit all prepared I look out of the window & realise that the weather is AWFUL, not that this stopped me. Ask my mum, I went out & really tried but I guess there is a point at which it is too cold, too wet & too windy to take good photos.
So this is what I wore on Tuesday ^^

Anyway Monday was also the day I finally visited the John Lewis that opened up in York recently....well not so recently I guess but I still found it. And found it is literal because it's in this huge out of town shopping complex split into an improbable number of sections that are not easy to find your way around. It was like Chrestomanci's castle in Charmed Life, you had to keep the store in the corner of your eye & not go directly towards it ^^
Anyway when I got there I went round the clothes sale - which was about 75% too old for me & 20% too small for me - & picked up a couple of cute items, including this top (which ended up being half off the Sale price ^^).

I feel like striped tops must be worn with a red lipstick, even if I don't wear any other makeup. I'm wearing a good amount of makeup in these picture but you know what I mean, there is nothing more Parisian than red lipstick & a striped top.....even if you are wearing knitted slipper & trying not to laugh too obviously at your mum attempting to take photos with a 50 mm lens in a room just big enough for that to be possible.


  1. Can't go wrong with comfy and cozy! Looking beautiful as always!

  2. Love the top, I want it for myself!

    1. lol ^^ It is a great top, it's nice to find anything striped that's not skin tight ^^

      Sally xx


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