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Friday 17 April 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Sunshine Madness

At the beginning of last week I had a random good period - I was full of energy (not normal people full but better than I'd been for at least 8 months), I wasn't getting kick back from doing things, I wasn't sensitive to the things I usually am - & I felt untouchable, I thought I could do anything!
I went out two days in a row in proper clothes, makeup etc with no sunglasses & drank real lemonade (one of my huge sensitivities is citrus acids). It was magical, like all those 'if I was better for one day' daydreams people have & it felt like it would last forever...

Obviously it didn't...looking back the choices I made were dumb & I used up a lot of energy really fast but it was like I was floating on something & reality was a long long way a way & all around me were bubbles & sunshine & the magical feeling of not being exhausted or in pain. I forget how...heavy having M.E. is & when even a portion of that is lifted away it is hard to remember to walk with your feet touching the floor ^^

Anyway, the outfit...

When I was in town the day before these pictures were taken I saw this handbag in the window of accessorize. You guys may remember that last year I got the gold version of this handbag (post featuring it) which is nice & all but this one is SO MUCH BETTER ^^ (I may have a slight obsession with novelty handbags & things that look like cameras/camera print things).
Other than the bobby pins (which are in pastel colours & have little roses on the end) everything else is really old, I haven't seen any nice spring/summer clothes in the shops yet (other than the crochet tops from ASDA).

The necklace is from Next - last year - the shirt is from Zara - maybe two years ago? - the belt is from French connection - last year - the skirt is from Zara - at least three years ago because it used to be a maxi skirt but I cut it down - & the shoes are so old I have no idea where they're from.

Gosh my hair needs cutting....and dying something prettier......I'm thinking blue-ish lavender-ish purple.....

I'm going to be at a football tournament in Newcastle on Sunday (4 hours of driving & a 7ish hour day of times) so there may not be a post next week but it is May coming up (M.E. awareness month) when I will be trying to post one serious post every week so if you have any questions or post ideas please let me know & I will try to write them ^^


  1. Yay to good days, feeling invisible, lemonade and sun! Even if all of them are short lived! I am so glad it has been sunny here, it makes such a big difference in how I am feeling generally. I love your bag, so cute! Have a lovely weekend x

    Hayley-Eszti |

  2. your bag is so much fun!

    You look lovely in the sunshine, glad you had such good weather for your ...brief...escape from total M.E.!

  3. Oh that feeling is so wonderful. Glad you grabbed the opportunity while it was there. I often feel like I'm toeing the line in those cases, questionning when the bubble will burst. But those moments are so precious. And if you find a gorgeous new bag while you're out too, well what a fab bonus. Good luck at the tournament. Xx

  4. When I first started blogging I had no idea the kind of amazing and inspiring people I would come across every day - it's truly mind blowing. You look incredible and are so beautiful! What a lovely setting and a perfect day. Hopefully that fleeting energy comes back double.

    Danika Maia


  5. How kind. It was such a lovely day, I hope I'll have many similar in the future ^^
    Sally xx

  6. My mum always worries that I'm pushing myself too hard when I do things but I'm always of the mind that I should do things whilst I can ^^
    My team won both of our matches (the others ended up being cancelled). We didn't concede a single goal & scored loads....I'm still kind of floating on it (I'd been put in charge of the team so I feel at least partially responsible lol)
    Sally xx

  7. The sunshine is so amazing, I just keep wishing for a dimmer switch option...just for spoonies so we can get the sun to exactly the amount we want lol.
    Hope you had a good weekend
    Sally x


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