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Friday 24 April 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Floral Princess

You guys may remember that May is M.E. awareness month (Tuesday the 12th of May is M.E. awareness day). M.E. is a very misunderstood condition & we often have to raise awareness ourselves of our symptoms & the realities of our condition.
One such awareness campaign is the Team Princess campaign & this year I will be doing 'Princess' ootds for the whole of May (today included ^^). If you want to learn more about the campaign this post & this facebook page are a good starting place & this is the just giving page that has been set up.

Now the house keeping is out of the way lol, how pretty is this outfit? I LOVE this dress & I am so so happy to be wearing it again! And I love wearing it in this faux skirt style with the shirt tucked into the belt, it's a great way to make a dress more versatile. I feel like this is a SUPER princess-y outfit. Classic, understated but super elegant & feminine...obviously the purple hair is not exactly Kate Middleton princess but maybe it's slightly more animated princess or something?

Oh, and the belt. Isn't it the cutest! It's from Hell Bunny & it comes in 5 different pastel colours...only £7 each! I got 3 of them lol (turquoise, blue & this one).

For once most of these items are still in stock, the belts are available from the link above, the shirt is still available from fatface & this dress is available in a lemon print still from JOY. The clutch was from accessorize last year & the shoes are (again) so old I have no idea where they're from...oh & the necklace was a gift.

How do you stretch the wear of your dresses?

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  1. I can't believe that the 'skirt' is actually a dress!! How very savvy of you! Looking gorgeous as always! x


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