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Friday 8 May 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Pastel Princess

May is M.E. awareness month & this year I am taking part in the Team Princess awareness campaign & this year I will be doing 'Princess' ootds for the whole of May. If you want to learn more about the campaign this post & this facebook page are a good starting place & this is the just giving page that has been set up.

I've spent most of this week writing Tuesday's M.E. awareness day post.
I had 100% intended to do a lot more M.E. posts this month but my brain fog has been overloading me so much this month, it's really embarrassing. I will try to do more over the rest of the year if I don't do any more this month, I definitely have a number of posts planned.

I LOVE this pastel trend (possibly evidenced by my hair, I am so in love with this pale lavender hair although it's changing the way I do my makeup). This skirt is from hell bunny & so is the belt, (I actually bought 3 of the belt in different colours; pale blue, the lavender one from this post & the one in this post) the top is an old one from ASDAs & as always the shoes are super old. The bag is from accessorize & my jacket is actually about 7 years old from Miss Selfridge.

This post doesn't really seem super 'M.E. awareness-y' but if I've kind of over stimulated my brain this week. Seriously with the election & M.E. awareness month & my time of the month my brain has totally given up but if you want to find out more about M.E. if you check out the M.E. tag on my blog I have loads of other posts you can read & if you check out the #meam & #meawarenessmonth tags on twitter & instagram you'll find a bunch of other people's posts & blogs.
I 100% recommend Hummingbird Foundation for M.E. for the most incredible source of accurate information about M.E.

Anyway, see you on Tuesday for M.E. awareness day :)

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