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Friday 1 May 2015

Everyday Fashion: Sleeping Beauty

May is M.E. awareness month & this year I am taking part in the Team Princess awareness campaign & this year I will be doing 'Princess' ootds for the whole of May (today included ^^). If you want to learn more about the campaign this post & this facebook page are a good starting place & this is the just giving page that has been set up.

This week I have persistently done way too much for my body to cope with & also not enough to make me feel like I have achieved anything. Getting my hair cut on Thursday (something I hadn't managed since November, not ideal for someone with a pixie cut) was the final straw & my week long attempts to get a 'proper' ootd post done crumbled. As a substitute I am doing a prettied up version of me on my bad days (& when I say prettied up I mean the difference between the women in magazines & women in real life kind of prettied up).

On my bad days I am usually bedridden except for infrequent - & very slow - trips to the bathroom.
I tend to have my sunglasses on (my ugly prescription ones, not these ones) & my noise cancelling headphones, probably with an audiobook playing in an attempt to block out the noises in the house, the traffic noises, the noise of the neighbours & the amazingly loud kids on the street...
On those days I often struggle to eat, sit up, turn over in bed & can be incoherent or totally unable to speak. I am often not totally in control of my body or am in so much pain that moving seems inconceivable & being around anyone else can tire me to the point of tears & beyond.
I would not have on the make up, or the sequined leggings & definitely not a bra - this is the Disney version of me on a bad day lol. My curtains were even open!

There are people with M.E. who good days are at the level of my bad days & a lot of people who spend everyday bedridden, struggling with noise & light; people for whom doing something like this post would be a marathon effort of epic proportions.
M.E. is a condition which effects every part of a suffers life & can stop them from doing basic things like eating, speaking, walking & even opening their eyes.
These pictures are not representative of their struggles but I hope they are more representative than the pictures that 'Yuppie flu' or 'chronic fatigue syndrome' have put into people's heads for the past 30 years....or at least more princess like ^^

I am Her Royal Highness, the Princess Exhausted of Laying Down (the country, not the town) & I approve this message.


  1. You look awesome. Love you title Your Royal Highness, I think there are days I would happily visit the country of Laying Down! But not for a prolonged visit!!
    Sorry you are feeling so exhausted, you hair looks good so I'm guessing the haircut was worth the energy expended.

  2. You are so incredibly beautiful and brave- thank you for being such an inspiration! #suchababe


  3. My friends at school used to call me sleeping beauty! The ironic thing is that with M.E. it is very hard to get a good night's sleep!! Good n you for being part of team princess!


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