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Friday 5 June 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Birthday Suit

My foster brother thinks that anyone over the age of 21 is 'officially old'. Well as of yesterday I am officially old & honestly I don't feel any different :)
I had a really lovely day yesterday, probably the best birthday I've had since I was a kid :)

I took these pictures amongst the rhododendrons at Temple Newsam park, the riot of colours is always super pretty (although personally I'm biased towards the rhododendrons at Castle Howard that are in amongst a wooded area & much less over powering).

It was nice to go out in the sun, normally all that light is so exhausting I keep the curtains closed & even wear sunglasses inside but a girl has to splurge spoons occasionally & since I caused the weather I felt like I should enjoy it lol (in my family we always say that the weather on you birthday reflects your behaviour the year before so sunny = good behaviour & rain = bad behaviour).

I've been wearing so many pastels recently that I've been forgetting how much I love wearing my tulle skirts & honestly I wanted to just do something really different to all of that, something toned down & kind of Parisian, the way I normally dress :)
I had totally intended to wear my nude heels with this but my feet have swollen up so much I couldn't even get my toes in :( But honestly this was so much more comfortable than wearing heels I was secretly really happy, I used to love heels (I still love how they look on other people) but these days the thought of them kind of makes me cringe.

This is basically the only pic of the rhododendrons I took on my digital camera, I was having too much fun on my film camera, I never get to use it normally, everything is just so much quicker with digital. Honestly though however much I love my digital camera (& I seriously love it), film just feels so much more....real? I just feel more in tune with the picture & the camera & the subject & I think it's because I know that the image is 100% taken by me & not by some computer in the camera :)

P.S. on my actual birthday I wore pjs & my team princess tiara but this is what I would have worn if I was planning on actually going somewhere on my birthday :)

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