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Friday 12 June 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Blue Sunday

I guess this is what happens when I run out of lavender hair dye :) I tried to substitute it with pastel blue & a touch of purple....I actually love the cool multi-tonal blue colour I ended up with & I can't help but be obsessed with all things blue now :) I think it's the team spirit thing, my powerchair football team's colour is blue after all :)

I found Sex and the City on comedy central extra & ever since then I've been obsessed. I don't know what it is about it....I think it's just more grown up than all the other sitcoms I've seen, plus I love how empowered the women are. I love Samantha (obviously) & Carrie is cool but I think I'm a Miranda :) Does that make me really boring?
Other than the bad ass women I have been loving the awful yet brilliant high end turn of the millennium fashion (my gosh is that a mouthful but seriously Carrie is on my screen right now wearing a sheer purple stripped shirt tucked into a teal floral knee length pair of More than anything it's made me thankful for being a fashion blogger now, I don't think I could have managed it in the 90s. I don't have enough disregard for bras for one thing ;)

I do however love the tulle & carrie bradshaw is definitely a spokes person for the tulle. This tulle skirt is actually from French Connection last year & has a similar pattern to my hair ;)
I love the floral pattern on the skirt but I struggle with the fact the tulle is so sheer & that the jersey shift is so tight but I struggle even more with the idea of handing this skirt on. I feel like I should but I love it so much :S

I was inspired for this outfit by Hayley Eszti who has the most amazing boho style. This is about as boho as I get & I feel like it looks a little bit like what would happen if Kate Middleton went to Glastonberry although she would probably look way cooler :)

In addition to the tulle skirt I'm wearing a very old studded denim waistcoat thing from H&M which I can't wear for more than about 10 minutes (it's insanely heavy), a long sleeved bamboo fibre T-shirt from BAM, a belt from Hell Bunny, a couple of string bracelets from Accessorize & a cute galaxy moon necklace from Wild Inanda - I actually won it in a contest ^^
Oh & my faithful gold ballet pumps that you can't see in any of these pictures :)

My brain is randomly acting like a piece of wet bread today so this post may be not very coherent. I'm pissed honestly because up until today it was being a pall, I did LOADS of posts over on my card making blog this week but on here....nada. It's easier to know what to say on the card making blog if I'm honest, I just write down exactly what I did to make the card....

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