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Friday 10 July 2015

Wheelchair OOTD: Queenie Sian

I'm on holiday right now so the organiser of the Team Princess event, the mind behind Me, Myself & M.E. & all round wonderful person, Sian has done this amazing guest post for all of you :)
I have been super inspired Sian's outfit & I'm sure you will be too, make sure to check out her blog once you've finished here, I've found her travel tips invaluable.

Silly me decided to pose in my heels at the top of the stairs. Not particularly recommended for those with weak muscles and poor balance.
 Hi everyone! Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to Sally for letting me write a guest post for her. I feel very priviledged. I've been wanting to do some more ootd type of posts for a while but as someone that hardly gets to wear clothes, not that I'm a nudist, I'm just in pyjamas a lot. I did start the year by resolving to wear proper clothes more often and make better use of the ample amount of clothes I have; because that's the other thing about being chronically ill you can spend a lot of time internet shopping. But that quickly fell by the wayside. I do however love to dress up when I do get to leave the house and when Sally asked for a guest blogger as luck would have it, it was shortly after I had worn a nice outfit to go out and taken a fair few photos in the process.


For a while I have felt in a bit of a style rut. Partly from not really knowing what I have in my wardrobe. That thing needs a good clear out! But also because I've put on a bit of weight and what I would normally wear no longer fits (booo!) or doesn't look quite right anymore. So cue lots of searching pinterest and instagram for inspiration and despite seeing a fair few questionnable photos that really didn't belong on #ootd or #style I began to get a few ideas. So cue more online shopping. One item I saw alot of and styled in lots of different ways was a monochrome striped skater type skirt. I am more of a dresses person rather than skirt and tops but that's mostly down to comfort and practicality. However I saw it styled with pastel coloured tops or a chambray shirt with a little vest underneath either with black pumps or bright pink heels. The more looks I saw the more I had to find a skirt like that and at least see if it would suit my comfort needs. Of course when you want something it's sods law it can take some time to find but luckily proved to me once again why I love that site. This skirt is a little bit more fitted than a skater skirt but it is still super comfortable to wear and does not dig in at the waist at all, which is perfect for a wheelchair user like myself or for an event where you're going to be sat down a lot for. It's still available on the following link

Speaking of being sat down a lot, I like to take advantage of this and wear heels. As stated above it's not best to wear them on the stairs though. I will always put a pair of flats on to get to the car safely but once I'm in my chair the heels go on and I rock the heels and wheels look. Sometimes you can get funny looks especially if they are nice shoes because a disabled person doesn't need shoes right? Rolls eyes. But personally I like taking advantage of the opportunity to wear heels while I can. These ones are again from and they are so sparkly but also a really sophisticated shape. They're also still available on the following link You have to wear some sparkle when you go see a Strictly associated show don't you! I have got a lot of compliments on my legs when I put some of the photos on social media so I am also thankful to the heels for that as well as some trusty nude tights to hide any blotchiness and if I'm petfectly honest my hairy knees too.

I was going to go for a pastel top but as I've put on weight mostly on the upper part of my body I thought I would balance things out by opting for a black top. But I will certainly be pairing it with a pastel top soon for a more day time look. This top is from Topshop I have had it for years, so many I thought I might have thrown it out as I'd not worn in it ages. Anyone else go on ruthless clear outs of things they've not worn for years, every now and again? But I'm actually glad I had kept it. I also decided on a black top as I knew that I would probably sweat from getting a bit excited and have crazy sweat patches. And although getting to meet Pasha Kovalev is going to make you sweat (or it does if your crush is as big as mine) you don't really want him to see that. Ok my head just went to a bit of a dirty place, please forgive me. 

So accessories... I am terrible for forgetting to put on jewellery usually because by that point I'm just concerned about getting out of the door and hoping my health holds up. But this time I did make a bit of an effort, might as well when there's the chance you'll meet a gorgeous Russian hunk. I wore some stack bracelets all of which were gifts from friends and I also put in some stud earrings as I worry so much the piercings will heal up and then I'll be disappointed. The bag is from Asos and I really like that it's big enough to put a fair amount in it but also I can have it by my side in my wheelchair. I also like that ok it's a  practical bag that will go with lots of different outfits but the cut out detail adds a nice depth and design to it so although practical it still helps make an outfit.
I also wore a cream belted mac that I boughd a few years ago in H&M. I love this mac for those do I need a coat don't I days and it also feels much dressier than wearing a coat. So yes I guess you could say I wore a mac and stilletoes to meet with Pasha.
I really like this look and love it all the more because 2 of the items were only £5. I apologise to anyone that now finds themselves addicted to It sucks you in!
Thanks for having me Sally
Sian x
Thank you again Sian for being on my blog, I absolutely adore the outfit & I can't wait to see how you style the skirt with a pastel top :)

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