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Friday 14 August 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Lavender Florals

Hi everyone. My brain is super mushy right now so I may not be super coherent in this post :)
I've been really struggling with clothes recently so I've been wearing a lot of dresses but there are seriously only a few ways a girl can wear a dress so I made my self put on this skirt.
This skirt is from Scarlett & Joe (who I have been LOVING recently) & I had a total melt down trying to put together an outfit...

In the end I put together this look which is totally inspired by all the vintage looks I've been obsessed with lately but I kept everything soft & modern rather than the very crisp, structured way this would be worn if it was more of a vintage look.
The skirt is really comfortable, although the first time I put it on the elastic was so tight that pulling it over my thighs & ass was done to the sound of snap, crackle & pop rapping ^^
The cardigan also doesn't fit very well, it is stretchy but it makes my boobs look squished down when I try to fasten it & it gapes awfully (#plussizeproblems).
Lol, I entered a photography competition recently & was having to explain why a photo I took was the way it was & honest to goodness ended up saying #wheelchairphotographerproblems.....hopefully they have a sense of humour :)

Anyway, hope you have a lovely weekend, despite all the rain :)

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