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Friday 28 August 2015

OOTD: Sophisticated Sleeping

I have been unwell recently, well that's how I always am but this has been different...
As I've said before I have degenerative M.E., what that means for me is that after every flare (& I've had at least one a year since I very first got M.E.) I get a lot worse, then I pick up a bit but not to where I was before....then I have another flare. Therefore, over time I get worse & that worse has been increasing...last year I had 2 flares.....this year I've had 4.

Heck this summer alone I've had 2.... I'm still getting the hang of where my health is now & what I'm able to do. I'm having to give up on my powerchair football & I've been struggling with.......well basically everything.

I've been finding that even when I mange to get out, it's just too difficult to get pictures taken as well as coping with the information overload. Luckily I saw this picture of Miss Piggy taken by Anatol Kotte:

Original Image

If Miss Piggy can rock glamour whilst getting 40 winks, I can too :)

This look is actually my regular eye mask, an old scarf & a little lipstick (super easy to replicate) my wig loosely curled (although I only actually curled half of it because it was exhausting & it looked just as good only half done).

Hopefully next week I'll have gotten used to my 'new normal', won't have flared again & will be able to do a 'proper' ootd, I have an amazing dress from lindy bop that I can't WAIT to wear :)

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