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Friday 18 September 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Pine-ing For Autumn

Hi everyone. Autumn is here (kind of) & I am already being thrown into my love-hate relationship with the season, I love the idea of a perfect, golden autumn with crisp leaves & scarves & light layers & sunshine.
The problem is that autumn in England is cold. And wet. And the leaves have a weird tendency to fall, unturned, & turn into a slick kind of mush as soon as it rains, which it does a lot because it's England & it's always raining here...

That being said however I am a massive fan of autumn fashion & I even bought a few new clothes (almost all of the items in this outfit are new, shock horror lol). I've gotten a teensy bit bigger over the summer, okay, a bit bigger - I've gone from being a size 12/14 last year to an 18/20 this year - so I needed new clothes & I'm still getting used to ordering plus sizes online, especially in a wheelchair seen as how stood up I'm about a size smaller all over, even in my boobs which makes less than no sense.

All of the new stuff - the shoes, the skirt, the hair pin & the t-shirt - are from Modcloth & were bought about a week or so ago so should still be in stock, even if they're not available in all the sizes. I had to order 2XL (the t-shirt was a 3XL so it would be baggy) which was a new experience for me & not one I particularly enjoyed at the time, I could hear all the girls from high school in my head talking about their dress sizes & how much they weighed (my generation's version of the mysterious thigh gap I'm convinced). I'm super proud of my self however because I ordered regardless & I didn't instantly start talking about dieting or 'getting healthier' (which usually means beating myself up for eating anything I really enjoyed).
I'm starting to realise that I can either eat what I enjoy & have fun giving myself the energy I need to do the things I like doing or I can eat food I don't enjoy, not have enough energy, generally feel miserable & still be bigger than I am happy being.... It's a bit of a no brainer.

This post has become more about my body issues than it has about the outfit, or the day when I took the outfit pictures! The photos were take on a day out to the RHS Gardens at Harlow Carr, we had afternoon tea vouchers for Betty's & the tearoom at Harlow Carr is a good one. OMG the afternoon tea at Betty's is HEAVEN, I felt truly spoilt & very round by the time we went round the gardens & got these photos :)
Also, how awesome are my new shoes? As I have said before I'm not much of a pink person but I feel like these shoes are a much prettier alternative to nude heels. There is a tiny kitten heel & I had to get them a size or two too long so that they were wide enough but they are the kind of shoes I want to look at all day they are so pretty :)

Oh this was me in the bookshop at Harlow Carr where they had a really good selection of colouring books & (even cooler) grown up dot to dots!

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