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Friday 4 September 2015

Wheelchair Fashion: Red Autumn

Hi everyone. I can't believe it's autumn already! I hate to be one of those people who says they can't believe how fast the year has gone.... but oh my gosh, I can't believe how fast the year has gone. I made my first Christmas card yesterday!

I went out to pretty much my favourite place in the whole wide world this week, the Bird of Prey centre out near Thirsk :)

I love birds of prey & my brother is even more nutty for them (although he's a big fan of the vultures & I prefer the kites & the kestrels & the harris hawks) so I always love going to a bird of prey centre & this one is the best because A) it is very wheelchair accessible, B) they have a lot of different kinds of birds, not just the obvious ones, C) they do 3 different shows through the day show casing a lot of natural behaviours, D) they have a lot of birds that were being treated badly elsewhere before they came to live at the centre & E) you can tell how much everyone who works there cares about the birds & how much the birds care about the people who work there.

I've taken outfit photos before at this bird of prey centre & I seem to do them the same way, in the same spot wearing the same cardigan ^^ This cardigan is actually being worn very differently this time though & over the Scarlett & Jo prom dress I wore a couple of posts ago. I find it amazing how just one small change, adding a cardigan, can change a dress so completely, it helps that my hair is a totally different colour ^^

I'm going to finish this post with this picture of what I think is one of the worlds most adorable birds, the kestrel, & the recommendation to find your local bird of prey centre & visit it!  :)

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