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Thursday 28 April 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: The Flower Queen's Daughter

Do you guys remember last year when I took part in the team princess M.E. awareness event organised by Queenie Sian? Well it's coming up to M.E. awareness month again & I'm taking part again.

The idea behind team princess is that we M.E. sufferers have a lot in common with the fairy tale princess, many of us are trapped in our castles, sleeping for a thousand years or 'just' cursed. There isn't a cure for M.E. or even a treatment but you can help with our isolation.

Like last year I'm not having a individual team princess fundraising page but the charity I am recommending is the Smile for M.E. charity who specialise in sending happy mail to M.E. sufferers, I can't even explain how much of a difference happy mail can make.
You could also donate to Gemma who is raising money for a wheelchair she desperately needs.

On to the look. So I had this crazy idea that it would be super cute to name all my Team Princess looks after fairy tale princesses & not just the Disney ones but cool, lesser known fairy tale princesses. After a lot more reading than I really had the energy for (fairy tales are really interesting, particularly the Eastern European & Scandinavian ones) I realised that fairy tale princesses are mostly pretty lame, they barely do anything in the stories! However I did find the story of the Flower Queen's Daughter which I thought totally fit with this look. There is a bit of a Persephone thing going on at the end of this story, like the Flower Queen's Daughter brings Summer with her or something & in this dress I literally feel like I am wearing Summer. If I looked behind me & there were flowers growing in my tire tracks I wouldn't even be surprised.

So the dress was my reward to myself for coping with some pretty shitty body & life stuff & I am so in love with it. I was kind of convinced that it would be something I wore maybe once (the pattern is kind of out there for me) but I have already worn it 3 times & I've only had it a few weeks! I've even worn it when I wasn't leaving the house & I usually just stay in pjs so I'm not wasting energy.

If you are wondering where to get it, this is the Bernie Dexter Paris Dress is Serenity Walk & you can get it from either the brand's website or Unique Vintage (where I got it). I got it in the largest size just so I was certain it would fit & I would actually say it was a tiny bit large on me (only just) despite having a waist of 41 inches & my waist being that & bigger depending on the day. It makes it super comfortable so I guess it depends on how you want it to fit.

The skirt is slightly shorter than my other vintage inspired pieces hence my petticoat showing at the bottom (& at the side apparently, I wish I'd noticed that when we were taking photos!). I actually love being able to show off the bottom of my petticoat, this malco modes petticoat has the most amazing detailed edge & I never thought I'd get to show it off ^^

The straps on this dress are wide enough to cover bra straps if you want to wear it without a cardigan. I choose not to because my I'm pretty sure my arms are pale enough to glitter in the it is Yorkshire & it rarely gets warm enough to go without sleeves of some kind :)

I could write an essay about why I love this dress, seriously there are so many amazing things about it, there are pockets, the details are so pretty, it's is so comfortable & I feel like a ray of sunshine in it. The ONLY thing I don't like is the zip is in the back but you can't have everything lol. (Did I just spend a whole blog post talking about a dress? I'm super weird lol)

What is your favourite fairy tale, Disney or story book princess?
I'm not much of one for princess stories, my favourite fairy tale princes was the one in East of the Sun, West of the Moon, my favourite Disney princes is Princess Dot in A Bug's Life & my favourite story book princess is Princess Meryl in the Two Princesses of Barmarre by Gail Carson Levine.
(My taste in princesses may be a little unconventional).

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