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Friday 22 July 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: Heat Wave Style

Gosh this weather is crazy. I mean it's lovely & everything but it's exhausting too. Weirdly though my pain is less & I have more energy. I'm going with it & am trying to make the most of it (mostly by playing Pok√©mon Go). So when my brother needed to go to a museum like an hour away for like 10 minutes research I decided to go with them. I mean I didn't just go to the museum, we also had lunch & went to one of my favourite places in the world (lavender world), but it's still not something I would normally even think about doing.

It's pretty unusual for me to pick bright colours. I'm pretty much a pastel/jewel toned kind of gal but the hot weather made me gravitate towards the brightest item in my wardrobe, this top. It's yet another peasant top by Pinup Girl Clothing but I really struggle for tops so when I find something I actually like I get it in every colour (or at least every colour I like...I'm totally fussy).
The hat is also from Pinup Girl Clothing, I have a straw boater I got from H&M ages ago which I love but is totally falling apart so I totally ordered this hat. It's got a much bigger brim & ribbons in the back...I'm not sure if I like it more than my old hat but it's pretty cute & much better colour.

I got the skirt from Modcloth so I have no idea who made it :( The skirt is nice, good pockets & everything but the zip is super cheap, it's a bit of a pain. Such a cute skirt though.

So guys how have you been spending the heat wave?

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