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Friday 5 August 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: Lavender Vision

I am ridiculously obsessed with lavender. Purple in general is pretty awesome but lavender is my favourite...hence this outfit. I started off with the shoes, they were so perfect I couldn't but get them.....and then I realised I had nothing to go with them. Since then I've gotten a lot of lavender pieces, the crowning glory of which is this Lavender Jenny Dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing.

I try not to buy dresses because, whilst they are beautiful & easy to wear, it's only really possible to wear them one way. Ideally I would have liked to get this as a skirt, it would have been a super cute skirt, but it's a pretty awesome dress.

I am in LOVE with the colour although it's more of a lilac than a lavender. I also love the skirt, it's got that great Jenny fullness & the quality of the fabric is again amazing.
I'm not sure about the bodice yet. It's comfortable but I'm not sure it's 100% flattering on my body. The first time I tried it on (without shape wear) the bodice made me look like I was straight up & down & kind of dumpy... I'm still working on how it works best on my body.

I hadn't really meant for this outfit to be so very lavender but this was the best cardigan I had available & I like it so much more than what I had planned.
Mostly what I had planned was leaving the house, I wasn't even planning to take outfit photos I just wanted out of the house & wanted to put this on (finally! it had been hanging in my wardrobe for too long!!!) I hate how the best outfit posts are the unplanned ones, it's so frustrating sometimes lol

In other news my Mum & I cut my hair. I normally get my hair cut at the hairdressers but recently it's been using WAY too much energy so I decided to have a go at doing it myself. My mum shaved the back & sides & I did as much of the rest that I could.
I'm calling the result okay but I recommend having thick hair, it masks a lot of the mistakes :) Hopefully we'll get better at it as we go on ^^

P.S. the necklace is from BooTeeq on Etsy. It's a super adorable spoon necklace, it's got a great vintage-y design. The shop is run by a fellow spoonie who is raising money for a much needed electric wheelchair!

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