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Friday 1 July 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: Victoriana Pin-up

Oh my gosh this outfit post was a pain in the ASS to get done! For some reason whatever I did 99% of the photos didn't work out. I tend to get about 200 photos per outfit & of those 10% are up to my standards (lighting, pose & my face tend to be the main issues) & then I narrow down from there. This time I took outfit photos on two separate days making nearly 600 photos total & I ended up with about 10 maybes.....
The behind the scenes of outfit photos is super glamorous lol

White dresses with a delicate blue floral print hold a special place in my heart owning to a book I read as a teenager (Magic Flutes by Eva Ibbotson). Ever since then I have always had at least one dress like this in my wardrobe so it's kind of unusual that I come across a white & blue print that is really exciting to me.
This skirt kind of blew me away though. The cut is an incredible A-line shape but like super full rather than boxy like I'm used to which was special in and of itself. The key thing though was the
pattern. It kind of reminds me of the kind of old school willow pattern china but like the really old school stuff before they were mass producing it. It's the more grown up sophisticated version of the endless blue & white dresses I have owned.

Technically this isn't a dress so I'm not really filling that empty spot in my wardrobe yet but I actually preferred the skirt to the dresses that came in this print (all on Collectif which is where the skirt is from) but it is more versatile in the skirt, even though it's the wrong blue & the wrong white to go with my pin up girl peasant tops (no-one else sees it but the microscopic shade difference bugs me ludicrous amounts).
This skirt feels to me more 40s or possibly 30s than my other vintage repro pieces although the print makes me think of Edwardian tea gowns hence it being Victoriana Pin-up...

Do you have any absolute wardrobe staples? Has your style ever been inspired by a book?

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