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Friday 30 September 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: Autumn Pinup

I am so happy it's Autumn. I LOVE Autumn clothes, I love the colours, the patterns, the makeup, the food, the weather & most importantly the fact I don't have to shave my legs anymore lol.
I'm not as happy that the light is harder to take photos in but I'm working with it :)

So these clothes are from Miss Candyfloss, there's this new collection from them (the librarian collection) that's absolutely stunning & incredibly autumn-y & perfect......I wish more of it would work for me because it really is beautiful.

This skirt (from Miss Candyfloss, 80 euros in sizes XS-3XL) is totally my favourite part of the collection, so far anyway. It is unbelievably stunning, this amazing heavy embroidered top layer over a softer, satin-y under layer.
There is no stretch in the skirt so it's a good idea to get the exact right size, I think it runs a little small, it didn't fasten up on me but that might be because I'm bloated :) Also, with the overlay being such a thick fabric you end up with quite a bulky waistband. It's not too noticeable if you wear a wide belt over it but if you don't have one or like wide belts it could ruin the silhouette a bit...
It's described as a skirt for bad hair days, something that draws attention & it totally is that. It is a total show stopper, only bested for me by this top.

I am 100% in love with this top (Miss Candyfloss, 52.50 euros, XS-5XL) . More like 200% in love. I did not know it was possible to love a top as much as I love this one. At some point when I feel more confident with my body I'm going to do an outfit post that shows quite how amazing this top makes my body look, I honestly felt sexy which is not common feeling for me/ I mean it never was a common feeling for me but I have definitely not felt sexy since I got sick. Pretty, well dressed, confident but never sexy. I'm not sure why but I kind of want to cry, my body confidence has been at an all time low recently (it always is when I gain weight around my face) so to feel sexy despite that was totally amazing.
I wish the top was still available in more colours in my size because I adore it. I would totally buy one (or more) in every colour.

I just realised that this is sounding like an advert for Miss Candyfloss, it's seriously not :)

The only things I can think to add to this post are a rant about what's going on with me which I'm not doing (mostly because I'm super boring) or a list of all the things I am loving ATM which I feel deserves a better place than being bungee in at the end of a blog post.... Maybe I'll do a proper once a month round up of the things I'm loving... Could be fun, if I ever have enough energy ^^ Writing the blog posts I do write is a mega push as it is at the moment. I think it's just with the last few weeks being so insanely hard (my brothers going back to college/uni has not been a smooth road & that has taken it's toll) but I'm not sure.
Are there any types of posts you guys would like to see more of?

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