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Thursday 15 September 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: Watercolour Roses

I really want to make excuses for being AWOL for so long (not just here but on social media too) but honestly excuses are as boring to read to as they are for me to write. Lets just say I've not been feeling up to any of my usual things.
I'm pretty sure I would have written this post if it wasn't for the Paralympics being on. I remember when I first saw the Paralympics I had only been sick for 2 years. I'd been told over & over to just push through it & had tried to do so. Ultimately it had not only made me sicker but it hadn't achieved anything. I was defeated & felt like I would never be able to achieve anything ever again. Watching the Paralympics made me remember that I should be focusing on what I can do not what I can't do.
Watching it this summer has helped me again. I have been kind of coasting along, being & doing but not striving or setting myself challenges. Watching the Paralympics has pushed me to set some goals & try to improve what I'm doing.

None of this is relevant to my outfit however, sorry for being so dull.
This skirt is pretty incredible huh? It's from Heart of Haute ($80-$84 in sizes XS-2XL, mine is a 2XL) & is super cute. It was a bit of a pain to get, it was held up in customs for ages but when it finally arrived! It is an almost perfect match for my Pinup Couture Peasant top in Bright Blue ($56 sizes XS-4X) & I feel like the colour combo is very vintage-y. It kind of reminds me of that of 50s-60s blue eye shadow ^^ It was so far outside of my comfort zone though that I was totally freaking out, there is no way I would have been able to put it on if not for the incredible print on this skirt. I LOVE this kind of loose, abstract watercolour & would pretty much wear anything in this kind of print, I'm trying to talk myself out of getting the pink one.

The quality of the skirt is AMAZING, Heart of Haute is always really good but this skirt is extra good. I always tend to judge this based on the zip (it's as good a measure as any other) & the zip on this is very good, even over the waistband. (My mum says it irons really easily - that's how she measures quality).

The accessories are pretty standard for me, the B.A.I.T. Dusty Pink Ida's ($67 US sizes 6-11), my super old nude belt from FCUK (that I actually extend with ribbon so it's big enough for me lol), the hat is my new straw boater from Pinup Girl Clothing & the necklace is one I got for my birthday a few years ago :)

I feel like I should say more about the clothes but for me as long as it's not pjs it's pretty impressive, I spend 90% wondering how anyone has the energy to get dressed in 'real' clothes everyday (I'm even more impressed that most people wash everyday, where the heck do you people get that energy?).
It's funny cause I used to take all these things for granted but I now can't imagine how I did it, I wish I'd taken greater advantage of it all back then.

I added the prices & information on the things I'm wearing in this post, do you guys like that? I'm not sponsored or anything I just know that I hate trying to search for something I've seen in a post only to discover they don't make it in my size anyway...
Also do you like my chatting jibberish or would you rather I stuck to the facts of the outfit?

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