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Thursday 20 October 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: The Golden Leaves of Lothlorien

Of the two in-accuracies in the title I'm not sure if I'm more bummed about these picture not really being in a wheelchair or not really being in Lothlorien...
Actually that's not true. I'm more bummed about not being in my wheelchair, especially after taking these photos. I HATE mobility scooters; why is the suspension always terrible & why is the turning so unnecessarily confusing? It's weird though, people notice me more in a mobility scooter than in my wheelchair... I still hate the thrice cursed things.

My wheelchair is out of commission atm & I feel like I lost a limb & an old friend all in one. Once it's repaired I should probably get a proper name for her, I've had her for 3 years now I think she's earned one. Especially if they don't have to replace the main control unit 'cause that would totally suck.

I was determined to get out to take outfit photos despite not having my chair. I mean, technically, I have the body just not the electrical part so I can use the manual wheels like I have in the past but my mum refuses to push me more than a few metres (especially if I'm going to do outfit photos) because I'm apparently 'fussy' which I don't think is that unreasonable but w/ only one of the breaks works for the manual wheels so it's not really practical when taking outfit photos... Where was I?

Right, I was determined to take outfit photos. Autumn doesn't last that long, especially in the north of England (it's pretty much just October) & it rains like half the time so there is a very small window of time & since Autumn outfits are the most fun it's always kind of a rush to get a few taken. So earlier this week I braved mobility scooter hell (it's not literally hell but it really did f*ck up my hips) & went out to Harlow Carr Gardens near Harrogate to get my pictures taken.

Quick aside, if you are in Yorkshire & you want a nice, spoonie friendly day out Harlow Carr is pretty good. You can book mobility scooters, there is a wheelchair accessible path & the café is a Betty's so pretty awesome. The café can get pretty loud & the Betty's shop is almost impossible to navigate around in a wheelchair but there is an outdoor betty's in the gardens which doesn't tend to get so loud (less selection though) & you can buy most stuff from the shop if you have someone with you willing to brave the queues...

I am so in love with this outfit, every part of it worked so perfectly :) I ordered the cardigan to replace an old & much loved jumper in almost the exact same colour (the only shade of orange I can wear). I was hoping it would be okay but it's actually magic. Seriously. I think it's the cut; normally I find the neckline of cardigans to be too boxy but this one is just stunning! I think I'm going to have to get it in S-every colour honestly. It's the Charter School Cardigan in Ginger from Modcloth (XS-4XL, $39.99) & seems to run true to size although I got a 1XL & it totally worked for me so I guess check the size chart... It's also super soft & warm despite being quite thin :)

Other than the cardigan, the rest are wardrobe staples for me. The skirt is the first (& only) pin-up girl clothing skirt I own. I got it from Deadly is the Female last year & was so happy, it's still the best pin-up skirt I own but it was obviously limited edition & unavailable now except in tiny sizes :( I hope they do more prints like this though cause I love them so much :)
The top is also pinup girl clothing, it's the white peasant top & is (thankfully) available all the time (XS-4XL $56). The peasant tops from pinup girl clothing are a total basic in my wardrobe, I think I have 5...

The tights are in the shade conker from M&S (S-XL £2.50), the shoes are my old Burgandy B.A.I.T shoes & the necklace is from THIS etsy seller. I recommend looking at all their stuff because it's really cool :)

What's your favourite season for clothes? Also wheelchair or mobility scooter? And most importantly do you like the new hair colour? lol
Happy autumn everyone.

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