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Friday 4 November 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: The Spirit of Autumn

The electronics on my wheelchair are still out of commission (they've found the problem though so hopefully I'll get it back soon) so I've been stuck in the house a lot. Unfortunately we have also ben having the roof fixed & it's driving me insane! Seriously, how much hammering does fixing the roof take? Also why do people feel the need to set off fireworks during the day? Or ever? I am getting the worst headaches...

Anyway, all of this combined meant that when I had an opportunity to leave the house I did so as fast as possible. As in it took me more than a week. More like two weeks. Eh, that's fast for me.

This is such a cool autumn look in my opinion; you can't really beat a good warm toned orange & red type look for autumn but this very different colour palette looks so fresh & yet warm. It's kind of like a Summer/Autumn transitional look but better. It's made by the skirt, the skirt is totally the best part of the whole outfit...
It's from lindy bop & whilst it's not the same quality as some of the other skirts I have, the print totally makes up for it. It also doesn't work quite as well with my, it's still totally cute & it looks adorable with my pinup girl clothing pink polka dot top (limited edition & no longer available) & this olive green cardigan (sizes XS-4XL $29.99).

Unfortunately the skirt is no longer available. I should probably check these things before I take outfit photos...

(My obligatory throw leaves in the air autumn photo. There must be a knack to this cause I was rubbish at it lol)
I don't want to talk too much about the skirt or the top since they are out of stock & unlikely to come back in. I'm pretty sure they changed the shape of the pin up girl clothing peasant top & it doesn't sit quite right on me anymore. It could just be this one but I'm nervous to buy any others...
The fabric on this skirt is also super slippery & kept sliding around, plus I was half way in between two sizes which didn't help....
Also I got the cardigan in my actual size (a 2XL) & it is way too big on me, I should have got it in a 1XL....basically this outfit was a comedy of errors that only worked on pure luck & stubbornness apparently :)

The necklace is another etsy find from ages ago, I am incredibly marginally obsessed with trees. I feel like trees are magic, I never feel like I am really breathing unless I am around trees & I could swear that trees are more aware than we give them credit for. It might be a little crazy but when I dot sick & couldn't go out as much I got to feel cut off. I live in a terraced house in an area where the only greenery is the tiny amount we can grow in our yard. There isn't a tree anywhere within sight, even when I used to be in the attic I couldn't see any trees. So I started buying these necklaces, I have quite a collection at this point & this is one of my favourites :)
The lady who makes them is on etsy, the shop isn't running right now. It's worth waiting but if you can't there are lots of imitations around :)

This is the photo the name of the post comes from (the one above the bit of text). When we were out & my mum was taking photos she said something along the lines of "You look like the spirit of autumn."
My mum is the best, for every ten times she manages to say the exact wrong thing (accidentally & because she has no tact) there is at least one time where she says something really awesome that makes me feel kick ass for the rest of the week. This was totally one of the second times & it was an awesome name for a blog post.

Honestly I think the last post was more a spirit of autumn post but it's still a good name to use. Plus autumn is 100% the season I would like to be the spirit of.

What's your favourite autumn colour palette? Do you have one? Do you believe in magic or that anything specific has magic like properties? If you were the spirit of a season which season would you pick? And how on earth does the throwing leaves in the air picture work? :)

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