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Friday 18 November 2016

Wheelchair Fashion: Hurricane Plaid

Autumn/Winter weather is kind of crazy in England, or at least in Yorkshire it is. It gets cold & grey & very very wet. This makes it tricky to get photos, especially as I can't cope with going out on a weekend. (P.S. Did you know that the North of England closes 90% of it's gardens & stately homes during the week in winter? It's super frustrating.)
Anyway the last two weeks I have been waiting & waiting to have sunshine....or at least no rain. Today I managed it & boy was it fun, I swear I saw boat row by in the air & a mean school teacher cycle past as she turned in to a witch.

A.K.A. it's was really windy. Like ridiculously windy. And there was a torrential downpour part way through. Also the temperatures were sub-artic & now I am just feeling sorry for myself. It made for beautiful photos but a very sore & uncomfortable body, I am however thinking of getting a wind machine. Hair-o-graphy doesn't work when you have a pixie cut but I've invented skirt-o-graphy instead. I'm expecting to see it on the next season of RuPaul's drag race.
As I am writing this I realised that binge watching 3 seasons of Gilmore girls over the past 5 days has definitely influenced the way I am writing this post. I have a tendancy to take on the personality of my favourite female characters when I binge watch TV, I used to watch Veronica Mars in high school for this exact reason (I become a bad ass when I watch Veronica Mars, I become Lorelai meets Lane meets Paris when I watch Gilmore Girls for too long). So if this post is weird, that right there is your reason.

I'm just lucky the photos turned out so well, it's 100% down to the dress. It's from Miss Candyfloss (107.50 Euros, I'm a size 3XL), mostly out of stock there but it's also available from Top VintageDeadly is the Female (deadly is the female is your best bet).
Nothing about this dress should have worked for me, it's quite high necked for me (I have too much boob for high necklines), the plaid looks really dark indoors & the way the shoulders are set makes me look microscopically broader in the shoulders which doesn't seem like a big deal but when you are already built like a rugby player...quite honestly I was freaking out when it arrived. I also made the rookie mistake of trying it on without shapewear, I was convinced it looked awful.

It's actually stunning. Firstly it has an almost true vintage feel; no real 40s/50s clothing comes up to my size, it just doesn't happen, so items like this that look & feel like they are really vintage are real godsends. Secondly the fabric is super soft, it has a felt meets real plaid texture but much finer woven than either of those, it's feels almost wooly which is perfect for a winter dress. Thirdly my petticoat fits underneath it nicely, it fits in my wheelchair & the skirt doesn't get in my way. Fourthly there is a side zip! Praises & halleluiah. Whilst it is not possible for me to get dressed by myself, I like the idea & that zip gives me the illusion that if I wasn't too sick to stand up long enough to get dressed without help I would be able to put this on without anyone else zipping me up. That illusion is nice.

Seriously if this dress had pockets it would be the best Autumn/Winter dress I have ever owned.
Actually it's already the best Autumn/Winter dress I have ever owned, I just like things to have pockets.
Plus it is one of those dresses you can wear for absolutely anything as it can be dressed up & down.
There are seriously so many good things about this dress I could go on for ever.

Also I want to mention my wheelchair is finally electric again!!! The wheelchair it's self isn't fixed but they lent me the part I need until my part is fixed, if that makes any sense. I have never been happier to go out, possibly ever, than the first time I went out after getting my controller back. I'm pretty sure my mum was even happier lol.

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