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Friday 21 July 2017

Wheelchair Fashion: It's 5 o'Clock Somewehere

It's kind of amazing to be back at my laptop writing a post. I didn't realise how intensely I would miss this. Blogging is my escape in so many ways, it introduced me to a community & a group of friends who mean the world to me, it gives me permission to spend too much money on my self, it gives me an opportunity to set goals I can achieve & space to keep growing & developing, it allows me to escape into the fantasy my photos create & it also means that I physically escape my house. Seriously, I pretty much don't leave my house when I'm not taking outfit photos.

For all that, it was kind of nice to get a little space. I was getting behind on my blogging & it wasn't leaving me any room to think about the fun parts of it. I would seriously get to the point where my blogging routine was "I need to get a post done for tomorrow" so I'd come up with an outfit as I was getting dressed, take photos, edit them, write a post as fast as possible, post it & spend most of the time in between in bed. It wasn't good for my health & honestly it wasn't that fun.
Which is why I needed a break. Re-think, re-assess & then re-engage. Hopefully even better than before :)

So this dress is the one my little brother got me for my birthday. He over heard me telling my mum how much I loved it but that I didn't want to spend any more money on clothes till autumn & instantly offered to buy it for me (it's moments like that which I use to remind myself that he's my brother & I love him when he is running up & down stairs slamming every door he encounters for no reason absolutely lol).
I wouldn't have let him buy it if it had been as expensive as some of my emergency fund dresses but it's from Lady V Vintage & their dresses are around £45-£60. I think this one was £45-£50 but it's totally out of stock so I can't check. I'd still recommend having a look at their stuff, their prints can be really fun, the styles are really nice & they go up to a size 32.
The petticoat is my first one in a colour & I love it so much! It's from Oh My Honey & it's so pretty & floofy, I need like 8 more. Seriously though the coloured petticoat makes such a difference, even though it's over flowing my skirt everywhere it makes me feel really pulled together. Just like the women you see in picture of the 50's where their hat & shoes & belt match & go with their outfit perfectly. Plus it's all pretty & lavender coloured.

My whole concept for this shoot was, does it sound pretentious when I say 'shoot' or 'photoshoot' to describe what I do because I really don't mean it to. The way I like to take outfit photos is starting to feel a lot like a photo shoot & it's just the word that comes most naturally...
Anyway, the concept for the shoot was all focused around the dress which I think is a perfect garden party dress you know? Sexy, structured, formal & daytime all at once is garden party or wedding to me, at least in my brain. I found these box hedges last time I was at Temple Newsam & I knew I wanted to take photos there so it kind of all came together pretty quickly, apart from the part where I had to take photos twice because the first time the dress wouldn't stay closed over my boobs. I've always had had bigger boobs but things are expanding or whatever & I'm now keeping outfits together with a will & a a lot of safety pins & double sided sticky tape.
The glamorous behind the scenes of fashion lmao.

Cheers :)

P.S. How cool is this vintage champagne saucer? My mum had 12 of them in a cupboard & hadn't used them in ages. Some fizzy peach juice & some cheap maraschino cherries on a cocktail stick & it totally looks like something people drank at garden parties in the 50's. At least I think so.


  1. Whatca beautiful dress, it looks really good with that lavender petticoat. And what a sweet brother you have!

  2. What a fun shoot (and yes, you can say photo shoot! It is what you're doing after all!) and I love the mock cocktail idea. Such a lovely dress on you. I love Lady V Vintage!!

  3. Beautiful dress, and I love the photoshoot 'theme' - super cute!


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