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Friday 19 May 2017

Wheelchair Fashion: Dappled Florals

I've always liked the end of spring/beginning of summer: it doesn't usually start to get warm in Yorkshire until this time of year, the lilacs & bluebells are finally out & my birthday is at the beginning of June. You know I can't remember it ever raining on my birthday, when I was a little kid I thought it was because I'd been really good all year & I still kind of feel like it's at least a little to do with me lol.
Obviously this time of year is also exam season in the UK so for 4 or 5 years before I had to stop going to school I was kind of stuck indoors during this time of year. It still feels very luxurious being out this time of year, like this one time I skipped class in the middle of my GCSE exams & sat in a park with friends eating ice-cream instead. It was pretty incredible, I think I'd done 12 exams that week it felt so incredible just to relax & not to think about tests for a while.

I don't do exams anymore but I still don't get out that much, the joys of M.E. lol.
It's always wonderful when I do though. It's usually the first outfit photos of the year where I'm properly warm (you wouldn't believe how many outfit photos a year I take whilst freezing cold), the light is always super pretty (which makes taking photos much easier) & it's generally just so beautiful everywhere that it's a joy to be out of the house, especially after a long winter. Yes, all my thoughts are about outfit photos but seriously without the outfit photos I would never get out.
For the past few years I have really wanted to do outfit photos near lilacs but lilacs are surprisingly hard to find. Surprisingly because there seems to be a bush in every garden you see....but not in parks or formal gardens. I guess lilac bushes were considered déclassé when they were planted or something but they are nearly impossible to find. Finally I found some in Golden Acre Park (quickly becoming my new favourite place to take outfit pictures) although I had quite an adventure getting to them.

I don't know golden acre park very well so just finding the lilacs was tricky (they are tucked in behind the cafe near the staff car was confusing) & they are then up a not very wheelchair accessible lip? The edge of the path, which is all grass, has one of those kerb thing like on a pavement or something & it is seriously hard to get on or off in a wheelchair. On involved getting out of the chair & my mum lifting it over the kerb & off involved closing my eyes & trying not to squeal as I went over the edge unexpectedly whilst I was trying to find a shallower part of the lip lol.
Totally worth it; the lilacs were beautiful, it was a nice quiet area to take photos & I was able to realise an ambition. And realise it with style, these photos are stunning. I don't even feel like I'm looking at myself.
It's hard to believe that my mum & I took these photos ourselves, they remind me of photos I've seen of Miss Victory Violet & Idda van Munster....although their photos are much MUCH better. I still feel like I've unlocked some kind of secret blogger achievement. I think this one is called 'wheelchair's next top model?'. What do you think? lol.

Outfit talk time. The only place I could find the dress is on Unique Vintage where I got it. It is on sale but it's also only available in a 4XL....which was handy for me because that's my size :) It's a Bernie Dexter Paris dress like the 'summer dress' (not the official name) I had last year. I love the Bernie Dexter Paris dress shape but they are expensive, similar to a Pinup Girl Clothing jenny dress but the skirt isn't as long or as full so it can be slightly hard to justify. Moreover the place I buy them from (Unique Vintage) doesn't have my favourite international shipping. It just takes such a long time......often by the time it arrives I've forgotten I ordered it. Not really ideal I have to say.
Anyway, for this reason & a few others I don't buy a lot of Bernie Dexter dresses so I didn't get this one last year even though I couldn't stop looking at it. However this year I saw it on sale with only my size left & I kind of felt like it was fate. I actually think I like it more than the summer dress I got last year!
The shrug is from Collectif Clothing. It was a little pricey (£32.50, sizes XS-XXL) but I thought it would be a great staple for wearing with summer dresses & it totally is. It is super soft, stretchy, warm but not too warm & really comfortable. I don't know if anyone else has ever had this but I have always found that this kind of bolero/shrug type thing always digs into my neck & curls up all over the place & is generally a nuisance. This was actually amazing. It didn't dig in, it wasn't uncomfortable & it was generally wonderful. 100% recommend.

The petticoat is my regular white petticoat, I would love to get a more colourful petticoat but I can't decide which colour to get. If you have any ideas I'd love to hear them, I really need advice :)
Make sure to check out my Instagram I have loads of other pictures that I'll be sharing :)

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