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Friday 18 August 2017

Wheelchair Fashion: A little bit of fluff

It feels super weird to be posting something as frivolous as a fashion post with all that's going on in the world right now. I wish I had words, words that would mean anything right now. But I really don't. What I have instead is pretty outfit photo.
I believe in the power of fashion blogging; I feel like taking the narrative of fashion back & showing that it is a place for everyone is really powerful. Perhaps it is an odd thing to say but I think of fashion blogging as my little bit of feminist activism, the little bit of good I do in the world that earns my place in it. It makes me feel better about how little else I am able to do.

Sitting here today it really doesn't feel like enough.

I don't know what else to say.

Perhaps all I can hope to do right now is provide a little bit of frivolousness.

Okay, these outfit photos were taken in a nearby park.
I had a whole concept of doing like a tea-party vibe & it totally didn't work :) I even had tea cups, scones....the whole nine yards. These are the only photos that ended up working out :)
It's kind of nice to have outfit photos that aren't too conceptualised...although the concept was super cute :)
This is a dress I've worn in a post already, a post already this year even, but it is SO cute! Plus it was a must after I found this brooch.
I'm usually not a big fan of vintage brooches. sacrilege I know but I find them kind of...tacky? There is just something about them that reminds me too much of the old ladies in Kirkgate Market (it means something to me & it doesn't mean anything I aspire wise at least).
I guess all the painsomnia window shopping on Etsy paid off though because I found this broach (which I totally forgot to take a good photo of, I'll make sure I put one on Instagram) & I am totally in love. It required instant outfit photos & this was the outfit I thought of. It seemed pretty perfect to me & it gave me an excuse to get the bolero which I have been lusting over but knew I didn't technically need. It made sense to me okay ^^

So the dress & bolero are both from Pinup Girl Clothing, the shoes are from B.A.I.T. footwear & the petticoat is from Oh My Honey :)

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