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Friday 1 September 2017

Wheelchair Fashion: Sheerly Beachy

I know that it's now September but technically Autumn doesn't start until the 22nd so I'm hoping you'll forgive this one last Summer outfit post I'm sneaking in under the wire :)
This post is so cool, not only was it photographed in Whitby (which in itself makes it amazing for me) but it is also a collaboration with Shona Louise, a wonderful disability blogger & fellow powered wheelchair user. Also make sure to check out her GoFund Me, she's raising money for an essential new powerchair.
For this collaboration we both started out with the concept 'pastel beach' (or something like that lol) & ended up with two super cute, & very different looks, so make sure you go across to her blog & check out her look.

When I think of the beach there are really three things that come to mind, the stories my Mum tells about my Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa going on holidays to Blackpool in the 1920s, the stories she tells about growing up in Scarbrough in the 1970s & Whitby.
So, since I've never been to Blackpool & my wheelchair doesn't do sand it had to be Whitby (there's no pier at Scarbrough). Plus you know how everyone has their favourite beach, the one that makes them REALLY feel like they are 'at the seaside' in a nostalgic way that no where else does? That's Whitby for me.
I like every part, even the ride over is pretty magic from Pickering through the North York Moors & down into Whitby....the whole experience is kind of my happy place.

It kind of isn't though.
The journey is very long, like more than 2 hrs each way, which takes a LOT out of me. Also Whitby is very hill-y, has narrow streets, is cobbled in a lot of places, is filled with inaccessible buildings & gets very crowded. So generally it's an anxiety & pain filled (very pretty) spoonie nightmare.
I always enjoy the idea of Whitby a lot more than the practicality lol. Which is why this is the first time I've been there in years.

It was kind of a blessed trip, I got to tick so many things off of my bucket list :)
Seeing the moors in a creepy Bram Stoker style mist. Tick. Being at the coast during a storm (not quite but the waves were big enough & loud enough that it totally counted). Tick. Being at the seaside at sunrise. A massive tick. And it was SO worth getting up at half past midnight to get there (I literally got up at half past midnight to start putting my makeup on & we were out of the house by half brothers were beyond not impressed.)

I feel like all I really want to talk about is the adventure that this day was, like here are the pretty clothes but let me tell you how much fun it was getting them :)

This outfit almost didn't happen, even though I'd been planning it for ages. For one I've been slimming down recently & the skirt, which I'd bought at the beginning of the summer, is now masses too big on me. For another the top (which is basically the cutest top I have ever owned) is way too small on me, despite being the biggest size 20th Century Clothing makes their tops in. The waist isn't a problem but there is no space in the chest area. I wore a sadistic torture device minimiser bra all to no avail lol. I don't think it ended up mattering in the pictures but there was freaking out going on right up to the morning of.

All in all the outfit gives me vibes of what my Great Grandma might have worn if she'd been a young woman going to Blackpool in the early 50's rather than the 20's. And if she'd had any disposable income. Ever.
Whatever, I think she'd have liked this outfit. Although I'm pretty certain she wouldn't have fit into the blouse any better than I do.

See that cloudy water? I've been wanting to do a long exposure shot like that for YEARS. That background is everything! I have to say though, it did give me empathy for the poor people in the early days of photography. This exposure was only a second-ish & it was a nightmare staying still, I ruined so many shots by either being blurry or looking like I was cut out of cardboard lol. Imagine trying to hold a perfect pose for minutes! Talk about suffering for vanity lol.

Anyway, clothes. The skirt was from collectif, the blouse is from 20th century foxy, the belt is from Pinup Girl Clothing, the camisole is from M&S and finally the shoes are from B.A.I.T. (as usual). Oh and the bag is from collectif too, also it is currently a total bargain which is always good.

This was an amazing day & a super fun collaboration. Definitely the high point of my summer. I'm so happy I am able to share both with you :)
What was the high point of your summer?

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  1. Well gosh, these photos are BEAUTIFUL! I'd say that long exposure was worth it - even if it was only a matter of a second or two! Haha!


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