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Friday 10 November 2017

Wheelchair Fashion: Stealing a moment

Post-Halloween Autumn. It's kind of an awkward time.

Stores & TV have already decided it's time for Christmas & the weather has started to get frosty but the leaves have barely turned...
This time of year always flies by so it's kind of nice to steal a moment of quiet, to just let time slow. Just for a minute. Just to enjoy the last of the season.

Snuggle under a blanket with a hot chocolate, a pile of biscuits & a good book.
Light a candle, put on your favourite jumper & make something pumpkin spiced.
Make s'mores on the stove, paint your nails & watch movies in bed.

Or you could, you know, get up before dawn to take photos in a picturesque Yorkshire village at sunrise....

Maybe I'll try the first three options next time.

If I'm honest I quite liked getting up & taking photos. The fact that it was the 2nd day of the first period I'd had in a while was not quite so much fun (the cramps were a beeyatch!) but I wasn't going to let it ruin a the only day with relatively good weather for weeks (by which I mean that there were rainbows when it rained). As I said in the last post Autumn weather in Yorkshire tends towards changeable, in that it changes between grey & wet, grey and cold, grey and windy & grey and all three lol.
It was nice to have  a morning of sunshine, even if it was in between showers. I was really worried on the drive over because it was very damp & very dark. Luckily we drove into a band of sunshine about 5 minutes before the sun came up.

For all that the weather was glorious (& it really was...until we got rained off about 2 minutes after the photo below) the photos aren't really my favourites.

It was just one of those days I guess. Some days the photos are just harder to take than other days...
Something about the awkwardness of taking photos in the middle of an empty village & menstrual cramps & the vagaries of fate lol
Interestingly though my period really changes the shape of my face (see if you can spot the differences lol) and it makes the photos look....weird I guess. It just doesn't really look like me. Even more so than normal.
I never feel like the person in the photos is 'me'. Mostly because I'll see people leaving these comments about how beautiful or effortless I am & I'll be sat in the same pjs I've been wearing for 3 days with greasy hair & soup stains all down the front of my top... I struggle to mesh the two halves of myself in my brain.
I'm working on it by wearing more of my pretty clothes in my day to day & trying to remember that being sick doesn't define me.

For all that I don't love these photos I love this outfit.
For one thing the blouse is a proper colour! It is so hard to find tops that I like & that fit me (I know I've said this before but it is super frustrating) and finding ones that aren't white, off white or cream is even harder. This is from Modcloth (and is currently on sale). It goes up to a size 4XL, it's a super cute colour (and it also comes in a pine that's great for Christmas-y looks), the lace is adorable, it's really versatile & it washes amazingly.
The cardigan is another one of the EmmyDesign Sweden cardigans I LOVE (I have 3 & wear them all the time). I was so nervous about buying this one, I don't really wear a lot of teal, in fact I think this is the only piece of teal clothing I own. It has actually turned out to be one of my favourite pieces. I wear it all the time just in casual wear & I'm always wanting to pair it with burgundies. I think it's so fun with the two tone teal & it's like the opposite of burgundy on the colour wheel so it works really well. All that colour theory technical-ness lol. Plus it is super super warm & comfortable. Unfortunately these cardigans seem to have sold out everywhere but they are worth keeping an eye out for...
I got the skirt from TopVintage Boutique. It's actually a size too small because it only went up to an XL but it was far too cute not to get. Plus the wheelchair means no-one is going to know if the zip is open a bit at the back lol. What drew me to this skirt was the tweed & the ribbon detail at the bottom. The detail that made me fall in love with the skirt was the great pleat detail.
Also the glitter.
I wish it showed in the photos because I LOVE the glitter. It totally takes the skirt to the next level.

Oooo, and the shoes. The shoes are these bettie page shoes & I am totally in love with them (even though they are secretly cursed, literally everything went wrong whilst I was trying to buy these).

What's your favourite way to enjoy the last of Autumn? Also do you ever feel disconnected from a part of yourself?


  1. Haven't commented before, but love your blog and find the detailed info about your clothes really helpful. Sam x

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing fashion! I have been slowly transitioning to a wheeled life, and am learning that what fit/looked good before doesn't work anymore.

    Might I ask... where do you store your clothes? I can't reach the hanging-bar in the closet anymore, and my dresser drawers were so snug that I had to let it go. My clothes are now tucked into baskets on a bookcase in the closet. Is there a better way to do things?

    1. I’m sorry but I can’t help. My mum helps with all my clothing issues... I hope you are able to find an answer x

  3. Basically, our fashion sense is identical. I've never seen you in an outfit I didn't love. Tweeds, burgundies, vintage inspiration... So you, and so me!

    I'm also disabled, like you, so we have that in common too. I use a mobility scooter, though, so I need outfits that work for standing and sitting both.

  4. I'm also a wheelchair user who loves vintage style clothing. I think you look lovely in all your clothes and your photos are great. For the person who was asking about storing your clothes... I can tell you what I do. I have always bought a second clothing rod or two which can be hanged from the regular rod so I can reach it. I put the out of season/clothes I don't wear often on the regular rod. I just moved and have a very nice big closet, but the bedroom is not big and I could not keep all my dressers. I kept a small 3 drawer dresser for underwear and some knit shirts that don't need to hang. Since my closet is big I bought a 4-shelf put together thing with fabric boxes which I use for storing various things like hats, gloves, scarves, etc. I have a hanging shoe rack and a 2-shelf shoe rack. I have a small plastic storage box on the floor under the hanging clothes for leggings, knit pants. If your closet is small this might not all fit though. Some people have beds with space underneath to store things or even drawers. I don't. My son also had no room for his dresser but he put it in his closet - unlike me he does not have enough clothes to worry about where to put them and he can reach the regular rod. I'm thinking of starting a fashion blog, that would be really fun.

  5. Oh, I also have a lot of pretty clothes that I don't wear every day because I work at home.. usually just wear pants or leggings for that. I don't leave the house without makeup.

  6. I adore your style, it's so chic. The beret really suits you too. Chloe x


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