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Sunday 28 July 2013

50 Random Things About Me

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  1. The above is one of my favourite photos of me, it is a photo of ME, not all the effort I put into looking human!
  2. I am obsessed with paralympic sport, I find it so motivating. I may not be able to do that but I can keep going with what I can do.
  3. I always wanted to have naturally ginger ringlets, like in old Renaissance painting.
  4. I don't like caffeinated drinks, I can smell the caffeine & it makes me feel queasy.
  5. I feel sometimes like I'm not really from England, I'm from the South of America cause a lot of the things I like to eat are more American than they are British - peanut butter, pumpkin pie, sweet potato etc,
  6. I really don't get on with seafood...I mean I like fish but....
  7. My eyes change colour all the time, they are green mostly but the shade changes & sometimes they are blue.
  8. I am from Yorkshire in the UK, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world.
  9. I don't find yawns contagious.
  10. I always wanted a pixie cut, but when I was a teenager my friends convinced me I would look ugly.
  11. I really struggle to cope with bugs, but spiders are the worst. I freak out like crazy about spiders.
  12. I love the flavours in spicy food but I can't eat it because of my illness.
  13. I love trees, I don't know what it is about them but they feel so intelligent & peaceful.
  14. I was going to study Philosophy & Psychology.
  15. My biggest fear is depression. When I had depression it felt like I was locked away in a corner of my head. It was almost the way I would imagine possession to be. It was like someone else was living my life & I was helpless to intervene.
  16. My next biggest fear is that I won't have achieved anything before my body & brain degenerate to 'critical mass'.
  17. I am struggling to think of anything that isn't about food.
  18. I have been baking since I was really young & I still love baking.
  19. My favourite flowers are snowdrops/bluebells.
  20. When I was a kid I was taller & broader built than all the other kids & so was told over & over I was fat (despite not being as big as some of the other kids). Eventually I started to believe it & so wound up gaining weight from low self-esteem.
  21. I still have self-esteem issues.
  22. I love the sound of storms, rain & wind when I'm inside.
  23. I love lemon desserts.
  24. I have always wanted to travel, I wanted to visit South-East Asia, Japan, America etc.
  25. My favourite place in the world is Paris, then York.
  26. My favourite authors are Ilona Andrews, Diana Wynne Jones, Gail Carriger & Gail Carson Levine
  27. For my birthday I got an ice-cream maker & I love using it.
  28. I love country, folk & singer/songwriter music.
  29. My family is totally hooked on plants vs. zombies.
  30. I have a box of clothes I was saving for when I have a daughter (unique pieces that I've owned  but not worn to death).
  31. I had 3 GCSE exams on my 16th Birthday.
  32. I have a German grandma on one side of my family & a German great-grandma on the my other side of my family.
  33. I never liked Disney princess movies as a kid, I thought the princesses were pathetic & needed to take control of their own lives.
  34. Apparently when I was a kid I managed to convince someone 3 years older than me that when I had gone to a museum I had actually gone back in time.
  35. I can't self-propel my wheelchair anymore. I used to be able to a year ago but it hurts too much now.
  36. I am hoping to get an Otto Bock A200 electric wheelchair.
  37. I don't believe that there is any life in the rest of THIS universe.
  38. I really adore Hannah Cockcroft wheelchair racer. She is a huge inspiration + her racing chair is called Sally so I have to love her.
  39. I'm named after my two great-grandmas on my mothers side.
  40. Sally is actually a nickname, it's not my legal name but I never use my legal name.
  41. I'm always the one in my family who plans things & organises keeping my foster brother entertained.
  42. When my brother and I were kids they only showed sesame street on weekdays at lunchtime & we couldn't record it so we used to have home dinners so we could watch it.
  43. My favourite TV shows are: 'The Mindy Project', 'Supernatural' & 'Veronica Mars'.
  44. My three favourite female characters of all time are Veronica Mars from 'Veronica Mars', Kate Daniels from the Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels Series & Barbra Gordon in DC Comics.
  45. I've been wanting purple bits in my hair since I started my edgy phase when I was 14.
  46. When I was little I used to get ear infections & tonsillitis.
  47. I am short-sighted & I knew I was before the opticians could test it.
  48. I hate it when they make films of books but they don't do it right. I have been known to complain loudly in the cinemas.
  49. When I get tired I sometimes forget how to talk
  50. I really want a miniature labradoodle.

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