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Friday 20 December 2013

Christmas Round up

Usually I would do a 'Weekly obsessions' post on a Friday but I thought I would sum up my favourite posts from this months Christmas craziness.
I think I got a good range of posts in this list, maybe even one or two you missed or haven't had time to check out yet.
  1. Turkey, Cranberry Sausage Rolls: Christmas flavours always inspire some amazing recipes & I am so proud of this, it is one of the best savoury things I have ever made!
    These are going to be the 'stuffing' meatballs for Christmas in my house, they are that good.
  2. Decoration-A-Day Advent Calendar: This is the only Christmas decoration my mum has ever allowed up before the 14th - all through my childhood the Christmas Tree went up on the 24th & came down on the 26th. She doesn't even allow paper chains to stay up past the 30th. This, however I think she would be happy if I left up all year round. It is super cute & because there's no sugar involved we haven't had the stealing & screaming of accusations that usually accompanies the advent calendar...
  3. Orange Spiced Marshmallow: I don't tend to get out to coffee shops over the winter period, however enticing people make the Christmas specials sound & even when I did get into one yesterday, the thought of the empty calories in the Costa Coffee Honeycomb & Cream hot chocolate I was lusting over left me feeling nauseated (loosing weight has really done a number on the way I see food). This stuff has made up for all that I've been missing out on, however. Stick 1 or 2 of these in a mug of options hot chocolate & sit back with the most sumptuous Christmas drink for a fraction of the calorie cost (390 vs about 100-120).
  4. Pink Grapefruit DIY bath salts: this was part of my last minute DIY gifts post & it's what I'm giving my mum for Christmas. The bath salts smell INCREADIBLE & they look really pretty in the jar - the pink salts & the grapefruit zest giving it the slightest pink grapefruit tint. The lip gloss in this post it also, especially nice.
  5. Fruity Mincemeat, Frangipane Tart: The best use of mincemeat EVER! I like mincemeat usually but I often find that the flavour can be a little strong & overwhelming. In this incarnation the mincemeat flavour is definitely still there but it is sort of polished, lifted up a bit & given a whole new lease of life.
  6. Christmas Party Smokey Eye: I love a coloured smokey eye. I love dark eye makeup full stop but as I don't go out on an evening that often I don't really get a lot of opportunity to play around with it as a concept. Hence the reason I love Christmas! Around Christmas anything goes. I could wear this with a dark berry, glitter lip gloss, an all-over sequin dress & high heels at 10 o'clock in the morning & it would only be slightly eccentric. This smokey eye is stunning, however, whatever your Christmas event.
Stollen: This isn't really my recipe, it's my mums, & as such I don't like taking credit for it. It is, however, the best Stollen I have ever eaten & - as my brother liked to tell me, over & over again - that was, in no small part, down to having made them in miniature. It really does help with the bake time & with helping them retain that buttery moistness.


  1. thanks for all the posts in the run up to Christmas, I have enjoyed them all and tried out most of the recipes...the mini stollens went down incredibly well in my house.

    Have a great Christmas.

    1. You are welcome & thank you :)
      Merry Christmas :)
      Sally x

  2. Mmmmm....lovely noms! What Xmas is all about (till we get to the prezzies haha). I've really enjoyed the Xmas makeup vlogs too. Are you going anywhere nice this festive season to show them off?
    Love Vicky

    1. I'm really glad you liked it :) I wish I was doing anything exciting over christmas, I'm just doing the usual family stuff &....staying at home mostly :) maybe I'll have to come up with something to do so I can show off my makeup :P
      Merry Christmas


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