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Thursday 2 January 2014

Favourite Fashion Blogs

One of my New Years resolutions was to do more fashion posts.
I've not exactly been good with the fashion post. Honestly I've not exactly been good with fashion full stop. I have been wearing 'easy'/comfortable clothes for so long that I'd forgotten why I used to love getting dressed.
So: New Year, New Beginnings & I am working a lot harder at enjoying fashion the way I used to & for that I need inspiration. I'm not the girl I was last time I wore clothes for fun & the style I had then would look silly now. There may not be many wheelchair fashion bloggers but there are hundreds of thousands of other fashion bloggers & I thought that it made sense to start my fashion resolution by talking about the fashion bloggers who are inspiring my new style.

Creativity in Doses: Hannah has the most stunning, effortlessly elegant style. This is the style that I love the most, casual but lovely. It's like someone took that casual student style & then omphed it up so that it wouldn't feel out of place at fashion know what I mean?

A Little Dash of Darling:
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a big fan of high end fashion. I think it's a little ludicrous & very impractical. This blog however combines exactly the right amount of high end fashion & everyday street style. It also taught me to LOVE sequins.

Fine & Feathered: Fine & Feathered has a great blend of vintage clothes & casual style. Are you guys seeing a pattern with the blogs I love? Anyway, the fashion is really cute & always gives me a lot of ideas.

Girl with Curves: I am no longer plus size (now wearing a uk size 14!) but I still think of my body as plus size & - regardless of my size - I am curvy. Tanesha is a woman who truly knows how to dress her curves. Her style is classic & fun & has an gorgeously high end feel.

Into the Woods: My favourite fashion blog has to be into the woods. Into the woods is a gloriously quirky vintage fashion blog & every post on there inspires me to dress better, to photograph my outfits better & to shop vintage. This woman is a fashion hero & no-one can tell me otherwise.

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