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Monday 24 February 2014

My Handbag Makeup Bag

 I remember once in high school seeing a girl pulling a makeup bag as big as her head out of her bag & re-apply every scrap of makeup she was wearing...right on top of what she was already wearing. I have always been someone who applies makeup in the morning & doesn't really look at it again until I decide to take it off. I sometime put more effort in when I am wearing a red lip but basically I am very, very lazy. It's the illusion of makeup that I need not the actual coverage.
So it's pretty obvious that I've never had a handbag makeup bag before. In fact the last time I had a makeup bag was about three months after I discovered YouTube makeup tutorials, then my makeup collection out grew my makeup bag & started to cover my desk.
However I have decided that since I look really ill without makeup (mostly because I am really ill) I should probably start packing some makeup so I don't freak anyone out when my makeup wears off. This collection is probably going to grow, a LOT, but this is what I'm starting off with...
First of all, this isn't a totally artificial collection of products, some of these products have been rattling around the bottom of my bag - the blotting papers, lipgloss & facial spray fall into that category. The rest are things that I've been thinking about moving to my handbag but just never bothered to transfer...I mentioned that I'm super lazy right?
I LOVE blotting papers, mostly because I hate powder...but my skin is aggressively combination. So I need something & blotting papers works brilliantly. The blotting papers I like the most (& the ones I use all the time) are the Tatcha ones which are apparently 100% Abaca leaf & gold flake... I love them because they are HUGE & manage to absorb all my oil on one sheet however gross my skin is. They are kind of pricey (£11.50 for 30 sheets) but I have struggled to find any cheap blotting papers that aren't scented or powdery....
The lip glosses that I keep in my handbag are both sample sizes, just so that they don't fill my handbag. The ones I keep are the Bobbi Brown high shimmer lipgloss in Bellini & (my personal favourite) the Chantecaille Luminous Gloss in Fig - if I ever man up & buy the full size of this I'll do a full review, but at the minute the £27 price point is making it hard for me to justify the cost...
My face spray is the Therapie Restore Aura Spray which I have spoken about before in my 'Best of Therapie post'. I genuinely could not manage a long day without it, nor could I manage to take outfit photos on flare days like I've been having recently...
As far as the rest of the products go, I've got a sample of the Eyeko Skinny Liner, a double ended Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion (my favourite black eyeliner) & Demolition (my favourite brown), a yes to carrots lip butter in carrot, two eyeshadow brushes (a mini Space N.K. one & a No7 Eyeshadow Blend & Contour Brush) &, possibly most importantly, a Mac Pro Conceal & Correct Palette in Light.
I think I waxed lyrically about this palette when I first got it but on a day to day basis it doesn't really have a place in my routine, mostly because I can use as many products as I like. For my handbag, however, this is perfect. My skin changes tone & gets paler as the day goes on & so a palette like this is perfect for me. It's also so multi-purpose, I can sort my dark circles, I can cover spots & I can kind of highlight if I want...
What do you have in your makeup bags? Any products I should have in my handbag that I'm missing?


  1. That lip gloss looks so pretty! I think you've got everything covered. Do you carry a hand lotion as well? I don't put it in my makeup bag, but I have got to have some with me at all times! I also have a concealer in my makeup bag. Great post!

    1. I don't have a hand cream but I totally should, I would never have thought of that thank you :) I am rubbish at looking after my hands lol
      Sally x


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