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Saturday 22 February 2014

Sequined Leggings & a Viking Day Out

You guys may remember me talking about these leggings in my Christmas Sales Haul. I got them from French Connection during the sale (down from £120 to £36) & haven't worn them out much. Mostly because they freak my brothers out - they don't know how to deal with them...guys are so easy to unnerve lol. Anyway, I went on a 'day out' with my family on Friday (stupidly but I'll get to that later) & this is what I wore...

*Leggings - French Connection * Vest Top - George @ ASDA, Old * Acid Wash Denim Shirt - George @ ASDA, Old *
*Check Shirt - George @ ASDA, Old * Necklace - Paperpoppystore on Etsy * Boots - ModCloth, similar here *
Anyway, I told you I'd tell you about the day out...I went to York with my mum & brothers for the Jorvik Viking Festival which is something the Jorvik Museum in York do over February half term every year. My brother has been building a Viking shield so he wanted to visit the traders & I wanted to leave the house (I've been flaring really badly & haven't really done anything in more than a week...).
Things didn't start out great, my idiot of a foster brother dropping one of my wheels (which contain the motors) very hard & then whining that it hurt his finger...the traders were split between the Merchants' Hall which is a REALLY old building & a tent in St Sampson Square.
I was really nervous that I wouldn't be able to get into the hall as it was really old & there are a LOT of stairs but they actually have a really great lift & if you go in the back way (which is down a lovely street where I took the outfit photos) & next to a posh food shop & a rare bookstore - neither of which were accessible.
I was too embarrassed to ask people if I could take photos of them & their stalls when I was in the hall being very new to that bit of blogging (I'm still getting used to people staring when I take outfit photos in public). Also I got really interested & forgot I was holding a camera....some of the stalls were cloth stalls & one of the ladies was tablet weaving which is AMAZING (I am trying to work out how to do it & am getting wool to start practicing as soon as.
Not the best photo I admit but the principle is you get these cards with holes in the corners & thread the yarn through in the order that you need for the pattern & you then make the pattern you want by turning the cards this way or the other way & pass the shuttle through pulling the new threads up....I am making this more complicated than it needs to be I'm sure but I don't really understand it, I just started & I made a real mess of my first attempt.
Anyway, this was the good bit of the day...& kind of where my photos end. On the way to St Sampson's Square my wheelchair broke down. Thankfully I was in the M&S trying to warm up so when I needed to get out of my chair for my brother to try & fix it there was somewhere for me to sit. The manager who was on duty was really kind & thankfully it was possible to sort enough to get home but I was crazy scared for the whole of the rest of the day (which is why the photos dried up). The tent in St Sampson Square might have been accessible if I wasn't so worried about my chair but there were some pretty hefty lips at all the ramps & it was a steep angle, definitely not possible in a manual chair...
Understandably all of this left me knackered & the post exertional malaise was kind of hand was paralysed for an hour at one point & the pain wasn't fun.

Regardless, I am so proud of how this outfit, the day was totally worth it :)


  1. really love the outfit, would never imagined sequin leggings looking classy and 'normal' but the outfit really works.

    Enjoyed hearing about your day out, in my experience families can mess up any outing!

    1. thank you :)
      Family are definitely....crazy hard work is the nicest thing I can say lol :)

      Sally x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you :) they are so cute aren't they :)

      Sally x


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