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Tuesday 18 February 2014

Spring Prom Outfit

Hi guys, so ModCloth contacted me last week to ask if I wanted to be involved in a campaign/contest where they send you the link to an item of clothing they would like you to feature in a Polyvore outfit collage.
I LOVE ModCloth, the clothes they sell are fun, vintage-y, unique & stunning! Mostly coming from independent designers, these are clothes you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. ModCloth is one of the companies on my list of the 5 companies I would most like to work with so you can imagine that I was super excited....I'm mid flare & I thought I had dreamt the email for days!

The concept behind this outfit is spring wedding or school dance...prom or something like...
The only piece I was asked to feature is the dress, the rest are all pieces (from ModCloth) that I think are stunning & would recommend anyway.
Although the dress is not to my usual taste it's actually growing on me...the flared skirt would work really well in a wheelchair & it comes in such a broad range of sizes that we could probably all get one! My problem with it is the high neck (which could totally be worked round). However at the end of post I'll include links to a few other ModCloth dresses that would work, if not with this outfit, for a prom or spring wedding...

If I could go back to my prom I would get a ModCloth dress, my prom dress was all wrong & I made a load of mistakes which actually inspired the outfit...

I picked a coat - which I know seems weird for prom - because I always think that outerwear is part of the outfit & if your prom is anything like mine, it will be freezing & you are going to need a full on my mum paid for my prom clothes & I should have squeezed way more out of her than I did! This coat is so cute I almost wish I'd got it instead of my Burberry....

The items I picked can all be worn casually, day to day. This may seem odd for prom but I am telling you, I never wore anything I got for prom again. It was too dressy & honestly it wasn't really my style, because I didn't really know what my formal wear style was. How could I, I had never really worn formal wear before. However we all wear casual wear all the time, so if you pick pieces that are the dressier end of your kind of casual wear you can't go wrong & you will use them all the time.

Finally the flats, most people wear heels but usually they are heels that they are not used to & they end up miserable... These flats are super cute & will stay comfortable all night which is really important.

Anyway, I promised you guys a selection of other prom dresses that I like. ModCloth are really good at putting together collections & they have a prom one, but since it is 179 dresses long I thought I'd try to narrow it down a little bit....

This navy & nude dress is stunning! Classic, elegant & really fun. I love the lace on the bodice & the contrast 'waist belt' type detail.
The mustard dress is not to my usual taste, mustard not being a colour that suits me at all but I think I could forget that for this dress! The skirt is wonderfully full, the silhouette is elegant but OMG that collar!

The 2-in-1 dress I actually own & I can tell you that the quality is incredible! Hangs well & what you can't see is that there is a row of little buttons down the back & that detail really takes it into the zone of being AMAZING!
This may be my favourite dress. It feels 1920s, jazz era to me but thankfully it doesn't have that shapeless, straight up & down cut most dresses in that style seem to have. Such an elegant piece for anyone.

This red dress is so lovely. Unfortunately the ruffles & the bow & the high neckline make this dress totally impossible for me to wear, however if you are athletically built & you are wanting to add curves this would be utterly charming & do the job well.
The cut of this dress makes me want to weep with joy. Super elegant curved empire line with a full skirt, this dress would look AMAZING in a wheelchair & the lace details & subtle ruching will make it a memorable piece that you would hardly need to accessorise.

Is there anything you guys would re-do fashion wise about your proms? Which of these dresses is your favourite? Am I really boring you by asking all these questions?

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