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Monday 31 March 2014

Best Mascara Ever?

Words cannot describe how much I love this mascara. I have literally only just to say got this mascara & I already have so many good things to say about it. I have NEVER had lashes look like this!

I know I said that words cannot describe my love for this mascara but I'm now going to have to try - this would be a useless review otherwise...
Okay, so.....mascara.
I have pretty good length lashes but they get very blond towards the ends &...there isn't a lot of volume to them you know? I mean, I think they're okay but then I look at my brother's lashes & realise they're nothing special - why do boys get the most stunning eye lashes? - but with this mascara my lashes are PHENOMINAL! They are longer than I had any idea natural lashes could be & they have just enough volume to make them look truly stunning.
Plus they hold a curl really, really well.
I love my other mascara but they are nothing in comparison to this, they really aren't.
I can never tell what makes a mascara work - whether it is the wand or the formula. In this case the formula is light & only a small amount gets deposited on the brush so your lashes are really lightly coated (which then makes the results amazing). The mascara is also really intensely's like if Urban Decay's Perversion Liner was made into a mascara (that, I want to see). You know what I mean though, it is the richest, deepest black I've ever seen in a mascara. So yeah, great formula.
Okay, brush. Plastic-y, spikey, bristle-y & yet really good. Having sensitive eyes, I'm not a big plastic brush fan, I usually find them horribly uncomfortable to use. This one isn't comfortable to use exactly but it so effective! The long, spine-y prickles (no, that is not a typo) coat & separate the lashes beautifully - so much so that I've learned to love them. In time I may even get used to the way they feel.

Good Points

  • Gives amazing length
  • Gives just enough lash separation
  • Gives good amounts of volume
  • Very, very rich black
  • Not heavy on the lashes
  • Exactly the right amount of mascara is deposited onto the brush
  • The point of the brush is great for getting to the little inner/outer corner lashes
  • You look like your lashes belong in a magazine
  • Not expensive (£10.99)  

Bad Points

  • Plastic-y, spikey, bristle-y brush that I am sure I will get used to in time

Would I buy it again? HELL YES!!!

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