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Friday 28 March 2014

Wheelchair Fashion: 1920s Grunge

Okay, so I LOVE this dress. It's from ModCloth & it makes me think of the 1920s...but it's so much better than those shift dress 1920s style dresses you see a lot of. I can't be the only one who thinks that are crazy unflattering... Anyway this dress is THE cutest thing!
So obviously, my first instinct was to shove on a biker jacket. Feel honoured that I didn't wear my combat boots with it... I would have done if it hadn't been so cold I had to wear those fleeced tights they sell at Primark! I know it sounds stupid but soft/hard is such a cute way to wear dresses like this...
So yeah. I wore ballet pumps instead.... I actually love this outfit for spring...I know it doesn't seem 'spring-y' but how cute is it? Plus it was warm...I genuinely didn't freeze even though the temperature was pretty much 0. That counts as a first class spring outfit in my books.
 My failed attempt at a spinning skirt photo - ModCloth is doing a 'Twirl Around the World' contest & I wanted to see if I could get a twirl-y skirt photo in my chair. Turns out...not really :) I just got very dizzy. It was kind of funny though.
* Dress - ModCloth * Jacket - Old from George @ Asda - similar here * Necklace - Next *
* Tights - Primark * Ballet Pumps - Old Red Herring, kind of similar here & here *
So, what do you think? Is this Spring fashion, Winter fashion or all-year-round fashion? What do you think of soft/hard style? Would you wear a flow-y dress with a leather jacket or biker boots? Can you work out how to do skirt twirl pictures in a wheelchair?

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