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Tuesday 18 March 2014

Panasonic Retro-Style Headphones Review

I'm not a big audio-nerd. I think that is important for me to say right off the bat. I couldn't tell you with any authority what made good headphones good or anything technical at all about them really. However, I have had some really great quality headphones over the years & I know good headphones when I use them.
These headphones were bought in a rush - with a budget of £30 - when my old headphones broke. Honestly I didn't really know what I was getting into...I mean the reviews were positive but that doesn't always mean anything.
However, it seems that nearly 250 amazon reviewers can't be wrong...or at least they weren't in this case. These headphones are amazing!
First off they are super cute - I know that doesn't actually make a difference to how good the headphones are but it definitely helps. Secondly they are super comfortable, I have a slightly large head - not huge but it is big enough that headphones can be tight - & I need headphones to be comfortable otherwise they are just too tiring, too painful. These are comfortable however long I wear them for & however tired I am feeling. They are light, well padded & very adjustable....all in all, the perfect headphones.
Lastly the sound, Oh My God! OH, MY, GOD! You would not believe how good these headphones are considering the £25 I paid for them. There is this song by Emilie Autumn I use as a test for all new headphones (What If) & I have never heard it sound better than it does through these headphones. The sound is so good on these that I struggle to listen to them on anywhere approaching full volume (or even half volume) but that's just an M.E. exhaustion thing, not something wrong with the headphones in anyway.
My only problem is that these headphones are not great for travelling with, I would be seriously worried that they would break. Not a big problem for me since I don't really go anywhere but I have a feeling that it might get to be annoying if you were someone who travelled a lot. They are very pretty headphones though, you could probably wear them as an accessory or hook them over the edge of your handbag. Trust me, you would get a lot of compliments :)

Okay, practicalities. These are supposed to be around £50 but on amazon they are £24.99 & a really great bargain. They plug into everything I've needed to plug them into so far & they have a sensible length cable, about 1 m.

So that was a first for me, never reviewed headphones before, did I do okay? Anyway...

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