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Monday 28 April 2014

How to Post with Blogger's Block - Beauty Blogger

I sat down at my laptop this morning, took a long look at my screen and realised that I didn't have any products I wanted to write about. I mean I have been using products still - obviously - but none of them are super exciting you know? They fulfil their purpose but they aren't so exciting I want to review them you know?

So what do you do when you don't have anything to review?

  1. Write a wishlist - as beauty bloggers there is always something we are lusting over, so post about it.
  2. Post about part of your routine - it can be morning, evening, makeup, skincare, hair care whatever. It could even be what you do when you check your makeup in the bathrooms at work.
  3. Do an everyday makeup tutorial - what look have you been wearing the most? Film it or photograph it & then tell us all about it.
  4. Call your friends & ask them what they are using - particularly if you have blogger friends, ask them what their favourites are, maybe try them out, and post about them
  5. Talk about the makeup from a TV show you've been watching - maybe not as in depth as my Hart of Dixie Tutorial mini-series but you could post about anything from makeup mistakes on Toddlers and Tiaras or a beautiful look you saw worn on the news.
  6. What you learnt about beauty from...- your Mum, your Sister, your Aunt, a book you read, a film you saw...
  7. A Beauty DIY - DIY face mask, DIY nail art tool, DIY hair thing...basically any DIY thing you have any ideas for.
  8. Step out of your beauty comfort-zone - if you post about makeup try posting about nail stuff, if you post about nail stuff try posting your skincare routine, if your thing is skincare try posting about your hair see where I'm going with this?
  9. Do a Q&A or F.A.Q., beauty edition - ask people for beauty questions on twitter or instagram, or answer all those beauty questions people are forever asking you
  10. Multi-Purpose Beauty - are there any products you use in more than one way, like an eyeshadow you use to contour with or a lipstick you use as a blusher? Talk about them
  11. Get someone else to pick something from your stash to review - get your room-mate, boyfriend, sibling, parent or kid to go through your stash until they find something that they want to know more about & then, review it.
  12. Write about the beauty products you can find in your local supermarket
  13. Beauty with a time limit - how do you do your skincare when you only have 5 minutes? Or your hair?
  14. Realistic Beauty - what is there in your life that plays a factor in your beauty routine? Is it acne, kids, budget, ill health....whatever it is beauty blogging does not need to be faceless. I guarantee that whatever it is, there will be people out there wanting to read about how you get around it
  15. Why do you do all the beauty stuff? - Is it just for fun? Does it give you confidence? Whatever it is, share....
  16. Something that didn't work - have you experimented with something recently that didn't about it.
  17. Post about something totally different - If you really can't post about beauty stuff, post about anything else, whatever you really want to post about
  18. Anything you regret buying? - Post about it
  19. Go swatch crazy - swatch all of your lipsticks maybe or all your red ones & write about them
  20. Do a top 5 - top 5 eyeshadows, mascaras, blushers, lipsticks, shampoos, toothpastes...anything is fair game
  21. Have you ever bought anything because of the advert?
  22. What have you bought because a blogger spoke about it?
  23. Past beauty mistakes - get out some old photographs & laugh about how silly you look in them
  24. Beauty rule you break - I am sure you break some beauty rules, I do all the time, so which ones do you break & why?
  25. Weirdest beauty things you've ever heard of, do they work?
You know what, if all else fails you could always just do a round up post of your past beauty posts....

Anyway, good luck with your bloggers block :)


  1. This is such a great post! I've been trying to think of ways to make my blog posts a little more interesting lately, so I hope you don't mind if I steal an idea or two from you :)

    Kasia's Beauty Diary

    1. I'm just glad this post was helpful, I wasn't sure the post had actually worked...
      I'd love to see the posts you do, make sure to send me the links (either tweet or here in the comments) ^^ .

      Sally x


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