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Sunday 27 April 2014

Sundy Post: Powerchair football, Pain & Posting

I actually had to take the saturation of the yellow down on this picture & it still looks ridiculous....

This week I barely went out, I didn't get my chair back until the end of the week. I went out to ASDAs yesterday to check it worked but that's it. I have Powerchair Football matches today so I've kind of been saving my energy for it....
That's what the shirt is - the horribly ugly mustard & blue striped shirt. It's my football shirt. I would seriously swap teams with anyone who had a better football shirt.

I've been in a lot of pain this week, kind of randomly.
Pain killers haven't been doing a lot, although I have taken a lot more than I usually would (I work really hard not to take pain medication most of the time). It's been a lot of deep muscle pain, particularly in my back & I've kind of been feeling like my spine is being crushed & my muscles are compressing my ribs.
I've kind of worked out a system though...there's this amazing gel I bought like, two years ago? I went to a spa & they recommended this gel for alleviating aches & pains. It's actually a 'toning' gel for your legs & I honestly have no idea what purpose this gel is supposed to serve but it's like a tingly version of Vick's crossed with deep heat but without the deep heat ingredient that I am allergic too. It's amazing.
The other thing that's been helping is a TENS machine. I've been thinking about getting a TENS machine since the very beginning of all this but I have always been kind of unnerved by the concept of them... But I finally got one at ASDAs yesterday after a night of pain so bad that, if I'd thought it would have done any good, I'd have gone into A&E. The TENS machine kept my pain manageable all of that day (it didn't completely get rid of it but meant that I could sit & that I could still think semi rationally).

Anyway, that's pretty much all this week.

Other than that I've been writing a bunch of posts & planning videos because *fingers crossed* we will start getting work done on the house soon so I can move down from the ATTIC where I am now to just one floor up (which is still difficult but manageable).

How has your week been? Do you have any tips for dealing with pain?

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