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Sunday 13 April 2014

Sunday Post: Daffodils, Detectives and...the rest of the week?

Hi guys, I thought I'd start off doing a Sunday post. I always love these posts on other people's blogs so I'm going to start doing one. It's a good place to include my nerd things you know?

Like this book. Have I ever mentioned that I am a Veronica Mars fan? I have? Well, I'm a big fan (yeah I know, the marshmallow recipe gave that away) & so when Rob Thomas - who came up with Veronica Mars - came out with a series of books, I had to have it. I actually haven't finished this yet (although I have been really trying) but I've got it in hard copy which is tiring for me to read....whatever it's really good & set just after the end of the movie. It's pretty cool.

How lovely are the daffodils this year? I went out to Farndale on Friday with my family. Farndale is in North Yorkshire & just off the moors, so its seriously in the middle of the countryside. I used to go one walks around there all the time when I was healthy but it's not usually accessible. The famous Farndale daffodil walk has been re-done though & I was able to manage part of it in my wheelchair (the other end to the cafĂ© in case anyone is wanting to try it...there is a pretty steep hill at the start but it's better than the flagstones & gravel at the other end...).

ModCloth style gallery. They are the LOVELY-est community! Of the three outfits I've posted over there, two of them have been 'most loved' that week & have gotten more than 400 'loves'! You can't believe how proud of it I am, I want to tell everyone I know....but I don't think anyone I know would care. I mean, my mum cares & my brother pretends to be interested but  I don't think anyone else I know would care...

I finally caved & got the Urban Decay, Naked 3 palette. Yeah, I know, I'm weak. I didn't actually buy it though, my mum got it for me so really it's not my fault. Okay that was a lousy excuse but it's so beautiful & it the only Naked Palette I have (I found a bug in my Naked 1 palette, freaked out & got rid of it. I still feel justified in binning it). I have a feeling I am going to LOVE this palette, it's almost all colours that I have NO other version of. How unusual is that?

What have you guys done this week? Has anyone got any recommendations for countryside 'walks' that can be done in a wheelchair? In the North of England that is?

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  1. I am a big eyeshadow person & a neutrals person (weirdly) but I am NOT a pink person....not even a little bit. Weirdly though, the Naked 3 Palette is still something I like a lot.... I may use it in a video rather than doing a full review though. So many other people have reviewed would seem like I was whispering about the palette into a stadium full of people shouting about the know?

    Thank you :)

    Sally x


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