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Friday 25 April 2014

Wheelchair Fashion: Not quite a Cowgirl

I honestly hadn't realised the 'cowgirl' aspect of this outfit until I was asking for help naming this look (I ALWAYS need help naming looks) & my brother pointed it out.
This look actually came about because I have been OBSESSED with lavender recently but I only have two lavender items in my wardrobe, one of which is this shirt that is WAY too big for me. Hence the tying it up. The rest of the outfit also just kid of happened....I put on the sequin skirt I got around Christmas (you guys remember it) which I think looks super cute in the sunlight, threw on this pressed flower necklace & the boots well.....they are the most comfortable shoes I own & support my ankles so I wear them like all the time.

* Shirt - M&S old, similar here or here * Vest top - H&M * Skirt - Old from Ruche (closest I can find) *
*Boots - Red or Dead (best value for money of any shoes I've ever bought & I got them at full price) *
Anyway I was out with family & we went past one of the parks nearby that had just the most amazing blossom out (not that you can really see it in the photos) & I happened to be wearing a kind of cute outfit & have my camera on me so we stopped & these photos happened. It seriously wasn't planned.
Unfortunately MY wheelchair was in the shop & I was in my crappy old manual chair so I wasn't really able to get the photos I wanted. Seriously, this chair is Falling. Apart. I miss my chair so much :'( I want to do like a....I don't know, an appreciation post or something? Anyone know what I'm saying?
Anyway, this is my honest to goodness everyday-I'm-leaving-the-house fashion. Not everyday because, well I have M.E. & there is no way I'd use this much effort on getting dressed most of the time. But when I'm leaving the house it's totally worth it (self esteem & all that).
Do you guys dress differently when you are leaving the house to when you are staying in?


  1. The pictures look lovely....very Spring like and cheerful.

    As a lazy Mum I have to say that I wear the same kind of 'mum' clothes every day! So I can honestly say I wear pretty much the same clothes all the time...comfortable and easy to wear!! The advantages of being old I guess.

    1. Thank you :)
      Everyday clothes are so easy, I tend to wear the same kinds of clothes all the time in the house too, comfortable, basic but with a touch of style :)

      Sally x

  2. Yee-ha! Instead of a horse you have a wheelchair, I'd prefer to sit in a relatively comfy chair than get arse ache on a horse.
    I like to make the extra effort on outings, I don't always though it just depends on where I'm going or what I'm doing, but I've been wearing lots of fun leggings and quirky comfy clothes around the house to make up for not being able to wear pretty un-practical 'normal' clothes day to day. If I'm able to change out of PJs I will, I dislike staying in PJs all day long since it has become the norm.
    And an appreciation post sounds great!

    xx Hayley-Eszti |

    1. I totally understand, I never make an effort if I'm going to the doctors or the hospital (if I do they act like I'm not as sick as I am you know?).
      Fun leggings & cute tops are such a good way to wear nice clothes day to day. And I totally know what you mean about PJs, I hate wearing them during the day & on days where I can't change from a lack of energy I'll make my mum help me put a cute cardigan or a necklace on over the top so that I don't feel like I'm stuck in PJs (I am crazy irrational on bad days lol).

      Sally x

  3. That skirt is SO cute! Alex

  4. I almost always have to wear a t-shirt underneath shirts because of the size of my chest....but it sucks doesn't it?
    Check shirts are so cute & such a basic they look great on everyone :)

    Sally x


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