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Wednesday 11 June 2014

Crabtree & Evelyn Handy Tips Event (And mini brand review)

Wow I am super late with this post, I managed to get it done in less than a month which is pretty good going considering how crappy I've been feeling lol.
Okay so about two weeks ago I got to go my very first blogger event - which was super cool - run by the lovely people at Crabtree & Evelyn for their 'Handy Tips' event.
The 'Handy Tips' event is based around the concept of passing down knowledge & beauty advise through the generations & generally about being part of a beauty community I guess. In each store they have like a huge cardboard tree & you can write a tip on a leaf which gets stuck to the tree and then you get £5 voucher & entry into some big prize draw for a family photography experience.

The Leeds Crabtree and Evelyn store is in the Victoria Quarter which if you don't know Leeds is this very old, very beautiful arcade with pretty much no disabled access. However the Crabtree and Evelyn store is really good, they have a ramp & the store is all on one level (ignore the stairs, they are roped off)  really well spaced out so that you could get even my wheelchair around. The staff are also very willing to help if you are a less than mobile.

Prior to this event I think I had maybe known about Crabtree and Evelyn like you kind of know that there are other kinds of apples than the ones you get in ASDAs but not really... My Mum remembers getting Crabtree & Evelyn gift sets for people it's definitely a brand that kind of flies under the radar which is a shame.

In store the products are split off by scent kind of like a Body Shop store but if you imagined Body Shop did a collection with Jo Malone you would kind of have an idea what Crabtree and Evelyn is like. The scents are very sophisticated - things like pomegranate & argan oil & pear & pink magnolia - which is nice if - like me - you were underwhelmed by the Jo Malone scents (anyone else feel like Jo Malone stuff smells kind of like expensive soap?). The packaging is also really cute - lots of pretty illustrations & block colours. They mostly do hand care and body care as well as a few fragrances, man 'essentials' & food - randomly.
But the brand is not form over function by any means. Everything I've tried so far has either been deeply moisturising or pleasantly cleansing & the nail polish I tried was opaque in one coat.

As you can see in my haul (above) I went a little bit over the top getting myself two sets of minis (pomegranate, argan & grapeseed oil & tarocco orange, eucalyptus & sage) - each containing a mini bath & shower gel, a body lotion, a hand cream & a full size nail polish - a full sized Pear & Pink Magnolia hand cream, all of their lip butters & their Venetian Violet flower water. Plus the Sand Nail Lacquer* & mini hand cream (not pictured) I got in the event's gift bag.

I think that's everything I have to say....the event was on an evening so completely exhausted me but the staff were super, super nice and I got to meet some lovely Leeds bloggers. The handy tips...event thing? is on going till the 30th June so you can still get £5 vouchers online & in store if you are interested. They're a good way to try out the brand if you are nervous about cost, but there seem to be special offers of one sort of another running most of the time so you can try them whenever.

EDIT - I went back later for two of the lip butters & the full sized hand cream.
Also the gift sets were buy one get one half price & the perfume was half price at the time.....and I was feeling spend-y lol ^^


  1. Wow you sure did do some shopping! I didn't even spot the lip butters (so might have to go back!), but I got the Venetian Violet flower water too, it's so lovely!
    Glad you had a god time :)
    Kel x

    1. I feel like I have to mention that I did go back later for some of the haul ^^
      I had a brilliant time, thank you for inviting me & checking the access for me :)

      Sally x

  2. Wowww, that's a haul!
    Was lovely to meet you and do hope you'll come to more events with us leeds folk :)
    Danniella x

    1. It was great to meet you too, I'm hoping to come to more events in the future :)

      Sally x

  3. Sounds like a really nice event and good effort on getting all those bits!
    I love that you include information about accessibility in your blog posts. Sometimes it's really nice before you go somewhere to know that it's not going to be a hassle to get into and around :)
    Faye |

    1. It was a great event ^^
      Personally I have a tendency to waste spoons on worrying about accessibility so if I am able to discuss accessibility I will ^^

      Sally x


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