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Friday 13 March 2015

.....and the elastic snapped

I'm so sorry I haven't posted recently, & may not post 'normally' for another week at least.

Last week Thursday I had a little dip, nothing unusual, just a little more tired than I expected to be. I'd been a little more tired than I expected to be all week though so it didn't bother me but I reconned I should spend the day in my room (it's way quieter there).
By Friday I was the worst I had ever been. It was like an elastic band snapped & I was flung backwards. I was bedbound, in huge amounts of pain & - for much of the day - incoherent or unable to speak. Three days later I got out of bed for the first time & was too tired to stay sat up for more than a few hours (it weirds 'normals' out but sitting? uber tiring activity).

Now a week later I am still getting 8 or 9 level pain every day, I am having to wear noise cancelling headphones & sunglasses 60%-90% of the time, I can't watch tv for more than an hour or so at a time  & it can't be anything new, I'm struggling with anything logical (I thought 2 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 2000 this morning...which would be nice) and I can manage the stairs, on my hands & knees, a maximum of twice a day....which is making it interesting r.e. going to the bathroom (tmi I know but I have to talk it through & where better to do that than on the internet for the whole world to see?)

So, anyway, blogging will be on the back burner for the moment until I get things a little more under control. I will still post when I can but it may not be especially regularly.
If anyone has ideas for low energy posts I would love any advice I can get, I was thinking maybe a Q & A post so if anyone has questions please leave them in the comments, on twitter or on instagram.

Thank you for being so understanding & hopefully things will be back to 'normal' in a week or two.


  1. look after yourself!!

    Anything nice you can do to pamper yourself while you are coping with this downturn?

    1. ooo, that's a good question. I ended up watching a lot of RuPaul's Drag Race (a truly pampering experience) & sitting listening to audiobooks

      Sally xx

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about this! I'm going through a relapse too at the moment, so I know how you feel. Have you tried audio books? They have helped me a lot when I can't face much screen time -much less sensory overload. This too shall pass!

    1. I love audiobooks! I RELY on them all the time (I struggle to read anymore) but especially when I am flaring & am always looking for recommendations. Have you listened to anything particularly good lately?


  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. Those spells can be really frightening. Thinking of you and sending a whole lot of love. Hope things improve ASAP xx


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